Friday, June 28, 2013

Some Amish Farm Scenes

One of the things I enjoy about walking at the reservoir is that the path, on top of the high bank surrounding the water, allows good views of the Amish farms that surround the reservoir. Following are several photos  taken at the reservoir on June 19th.

Amish woman cutting hay

An open gate between pastures

An Amish barn

A panorama view showing two houses and the same barn from the prior photo

Solar Panels

This is the farm where the construction was going on in a previous post.

Many of the Amish have built separate buildings on their property, where they can host the church meetings when their turn comes up in the rotation. Church meetings used to always be in the homes of the various families in the district, but more and more of these separate buildings are appearing on Amish farms.

And here is one last picture of an Amish farm.:


This one is not near the reservoir but can be seen from a highway that we frequently travel. It was a late-afternoon drive-by shot.


  1. just absolutely beautiful places! pristine, working farms! LOVE these views!

  2. Very pretty. Have you ever had personal interaction with your Amish neighbors?

  3. I was surprised to see solar panels. I would have thought they wouldn't permit such such modern technology.

  4. It seems as though these Amish farms are very neat and well kept. That does not surprise me,they look like people who are neat and tidy.

  5. It's striking how the properties look neat and well maintained, the Amish must be industrious and hard-working people. I'm also surprised by the use of the solar panels but from what I read there are different groups of Amish, some of them allowing modern equipment and others very conservative and strict in not using modern technology. Is that right, Linda?

  6. I love the light in the last image.. and there's something endearing about the open gate.


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