Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Birds and Wildflowers at the Reservoir

These photos were captured during my walks last week at the reservoir.

Red-Winged Blackbird


Yellow Wildflowers

Another Yellow Wildflower



Milkweed Flower

Insect on Milkweed Flower

I wasn't satisfied with the picture I took of the milkweed flower and was going to delete it. But, first, I thought I'd try cropping it. Sometimes, when the overall picture is disappointing, cropping to a small section of the photo provides a more pleasing result. It wasn't until I began looking at different sections of the image that I saw the insect. I discovered that I rather liked that section of the photograph. I've included the original, uncropped, photograph, to show what it looked like before the editing.


  1. amazing, tiny mini-blooms on the milkweed! loved all the blooms.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I like the original and the cropped version equally well.SO much detail in these pictures.

  3. That's amazingly sharp detail for such a small section of the image. Well done!

  4. Lovely pictures. You are an amazingly skillful photographer.

  5. Love that Meadowlark. The milkweed is a very interesting flower

  6. Great pictures, Linda. I'd say that the first yellow wildflower could be 'St John's wort' or another one from the Hypericum family.

    The detail of the Milkweed flower is amazingly sharp but frankly, I like more the overall picture and I'm glad you've included it. It's beautiful. :)


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