Monday, June 17, 2013

A Walk at the Reservoir

On Friday, I went for a walk at the reservoir and decided not to carry my camera. Of course, you all know how that goes. I saw a green heron. I'd never seen one before and wouldn't have even known what it was if I hadn't seen pictures that other bloggers had posted. This one gave me ample opportunities for photographs, but it wasn't willing to wait for me to go to the car for my camera.

So, when my friend, Pat, suggested that we walk together at the reservoir on Saturday, I made sure to carry the camera with me. Of course, there was no green heron. But I did find other things to photograph.

A lovely chicory blossom

Unfortunately, this picture doesn't show the red on the wings of the Red-Winged Blackbird.

Two Mute Swans flew over, and I snapped a quick shot.

The path around the reservoir looks down on Amish farms. This little guy, leading his pony in from the pasture, was too cute to resist.

There was a workday going on at this Amish farm. Some of the buggies are visible here.

Several men were busily at work erecting a new building on the property.

This buggy and wagon was headed for the work site.

Even with this closer look, I'm not sure what that cargo is.


  1. It kind of looks like a grill maybe. Neat pictures, the swans turned out very pretty!

  2. cement mixer, maybe? different than ones i've seen, but that'll be my guess. :)

    love the chicory - and a gorgeous farm!!!

  3. Isn't it interesting that we always seem to find great photo opportunities when we don't have our camera? I enjoyed you photos of the Amish farm.

  4. I agree that it looks like a grill or smoker. Great pics.

    1. Stephen - You nailed it with your suggestion of a smoker. Hilary took it upon herself to do a little research and found images of green smokers that looked identical to the cargo in the Amish wagon.

  5. I love the wild chicory and that photo of the boy and his pony is just so sweet. No idea what the cargo is. Makes me want to find out though.. if I was more ambitious, that is. ;)

  6. I know all too well the feeling of not taking a camera and then finding that perfect shot.You di get some very interesting pictures on the next walk.

  7. Looks like you are getting some great pictures with the new camera. Keep up the good work.

  8. The chicory is beautiful and I love the photo with the Amish men working, it's an interesting insight into their life.


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