Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Checking In, Checking Out

Hello, my friends.
I guess I owe you all an explanation of my recent absence, especially since some of you have contacted me outside of the blog to ask how things were going.
Doug's brother continues to grow stronger following the amputation of his lower left leg. But life is going to change for him, and the process is keeping Doug and me very busy. So busy, in fact, that I've decided to suspend the blog indefinitely.
First, though, because you've all been so supportive, I want to bring you up to date.
Because Veterans Affairs is unable to make Dennis' old apartment wheelchair accessible, Dennis is going to have to find a new place to live. And, because he's in rehab, he's unable to look for a new apartment. So that search will fall to Doug and me.
We have a meeting today with the staff at the V. A. hospital, where Dennis had his surgery and is now undergoing physical and occupational therapy. After that meeting, we'll have a better idea of what we need to look for in an apartment for him. Then the search will begin in earnest.
Meanwhile, we've been taking care of life's little details for him and visiting and encouraging him as much as possible, as well as managing things here at home. That has left no time for keeping up my own blog or visiting yours.
So, my kind friends, after checking in with you via this post, I'll be checking out of blogging indefinitely. Maybe I'll pick it up again someday; but for all intents and purposes, I'll bid you farewell.
Thanks for being the great encouragers that you've been for me during my three and a half years in the blogosphere.
I've said it before, but it deserves're the best!
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