Monday, November 21, 2011

Ordering at the Dairy Queen Drive-Thru

Some of you may remember my post about an experience we had ordering at a McDonald's drive-thru. If not, you can read about it here.

Following is another drive-thru tale:

We went through the drive-thru at Dairy Queen a couple of weeks ago. I wanted aTriple Chocoholic Mini-Blizzard. Doug had gotten fairly used to ordering the Chocolate Xtreme Mini-Blizzard that I USED to get, but he hasn't yet mastered "Triple Chocoholic Mini-Blizzard" and always gets his tongue twisted trying to say that phrase. Since he was driving, though, and since the ordering microphone was on his side of the car, he was going to have to place the order. It didn't go well. I giggled when I heard the words that came out of his mouth. He said he wanted a "Triple Chocolate Alcoholic Mini-Blizzard."

When we drove around to the pickup window, the guy inside said, "You ordered a Triple Chocolate Alcoholic Mini-Blizzard? I'm going to have to check your ID."

We laughed so hard that I almost had trouble eating my Blizzard.

A couple of days later, we returned to the same Dairy Queen; and the same guy was on duty. Again, we went through the drive-thru. This time, Doug managed to get the correct phrase out with barely a stutter. When we pulled up to the window, Doug asked the DQ man if he wanted to check his ID. The response was, "No. You didn't order anything with alcohol in it this time."

DQ man is not only funny, but he has a good memory.


  1. Lol! I mess up drive through orders all the time. It's stressful trying to get everything right! That's funny he remembered you, considering how many people a day he must serve.

  2. Thanks, Deborah.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Ruth

    Elizabeth - Drive-thrus can be intimidating, and I have to admit that "Triple Chocoholic Mini-Blizzard" is a mouthful. It's fun to see what's going to come out of Doug's mouth sometimes. :)

  3. Pretty funny, I could go for one right now.

  4. LOL who could forget that? I'd be giggling through my Blizzard too

  5. Hilary - It really was pretty Doug's expense. But even a fit of giggles couldn't keep me from enjoying every bite of that Blizzard.

  6. Nice story, Linda. I'll bet that guy won't be serving customers at the DQ for long. I sense a brighter future ahead.

  7. Frank - This particular Dairy Queen, for some reason, seems to have attracted a quality crew. They are all friendly and efficient, and the treats they prepare are better than at any other DQ we've tried. It may be a sign of the times, that these folks can't get better jobs, but they don't slack off like someone who feels the job is beneath them. We drive miles out of our way to visit this one. It's worth it.


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