Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grand Canyon National Park

The morning after our float trip down the Colorado River a few weeks ago, we were on our way out of Page, Arizona, heading for the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It wasn't a long drive, but it was a beautiful one.

We entered the park at the Desert View entrance, which is the east entrance, located about 25 miles from our lodging for that night at the Yavapai Lodge. The primary feature at Desert View is the Watchtower, a structure built to provide the widest possible view of Grand Canyon while harmonizing with its setting.

The Watchtower at Desert View

Inside the Watchtower, looking down from an upper level.

We took our time traveling that 25 miles to our lodging in Grand Canyon Village, stopping at every scenic overlook.

A view from Navajo Point

And another view from Navajo Point

Above is a "stitched" panorama shot, also taken at Navajo Point

This one was shot at Lipan Point.

The next morning, after we had eaten breakfast at the cafeteria, we decided to drive back down to one of the main viewing points that we had seen the day before, Grandview Point, in hopes of having better lighting in the canyon on this day. It had been really hazy the day before, and the sun was shining brightly the next morning. The plan was that we would then use the free shuttles to see areas of the park where private vehicles aren't permitted.

But, on our way back to Canyon Village from Grandview Point, we decided to see if the Yavapai Lodge would let us out of our second night's reservation. They were very nice about it and said it would be no problem if we wanted to leave a day early. So we scurried back to the room and got everything packed and loaded into the van, pulling out with about five minutes to spare before the established checkout time.

We headed west for California, staying that night in Barstow. The next stop on our national parks tour was Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks. Stay tuned.


  1. We never went inside the watch tower. Very cool. Again, loving that stitched feature! Wish my camera had that!

  2. WOW!!! These are just so gorgeous. If I ever get to travel,this would be one place I would love to see.Who knows,maybe someday.

  3. Again, you followed our route. We entered by way of the north end --and took pictures along the way at all of the overlooks....

    Great set of photos..

  4. Elizabeth - It was pretty neat in the Watchtower. We went to the top level that was open. There was a ladder leading to the very top, but that was closed to the public. There were good views from there, but you had to look through the glass in the windows.

    Ruth - I hope you do get to visit the Grand Canyon someday. You have to see it to believe it. :)

    Betsy - I know...I'm showing things that you've already seen, photographed, and written about. Our next two stops weren't on your itinerary, though; so stay tuned. :)

  5. Some nice memories, I have always enjoyed this part of the US

  6. Breathtaking views, Linda. I love that stitched image and the view down through the watchtower is very cool.

  7. Steve - It truly is a beautiful part of the country. I'm glad if it brought back some memories for you. :)

    Hilary - Thanks so much. I've had fun with the stitch feature on the camera.


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