Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monument Valley

I suspect there is much more to see at Monument Valley than we saw on our visit of September 26th. There is a 17-mile unpaved road through the park, but it's very rough and recommended for only high-profile vehicles. We saw several regular passenger vehicles attempting the route, but we watched their progress long enough to know that we didn't want to try it. Tours are available for $60 per person, but we felt we had seen enough on our drive down from Blanding that it wasn't necessary to take the tour.

This is the awesome view from the balcony of the Visitor Center.

Following are closer views of the three monuments pictured above:




Another view from the Visitor Center

Looking at a portion of the 17-mile unpaved road.

After leaving the park, we took a little drive through the nearby countryside.

Free range horses near Monument Valley

Then, as we drove back to Blanding, we took more photos of the strange, but beautiful, landscape:




  1. Beautiful place, Beautiful photos, Linda.

  2. Oh wow, those monuments are awesome. And I love the stark contrast of the asphalt road against the terrain and monuments in the last two photos. Thank you for sharing them. Have a great day!

  3. did you do like the hubby & me ... playing the music from the Good, the Bad & the Ugly? i could just visualize Clint Eastwood riding his horse there. it was a great time. ( :

  4. With views from the center like these, you practically don't have to venture out at all. :) Great images!

  5. I can see why a lot of western movies were filmed in this area. It has spectacular scenery! Your photos are superb.

  6. so pretty...I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go!

  7. These images are so well composed. Breathtaking vistas. That first view from the balcony is simply perfection. Bet it was hard to say goodbye to this area. Wow.

  8. A very unique area, I enjoy the huge foramtions

  9. The views from the Visitor Center are fantastic! I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to tackle that unpaved road either, but the views would sure make it tempting. But then the views to and from the park are magnificent as well.

  10. It is a strange and very different landscape from anything I could ever see around here. And so incredibly beautiful. I know that when people see Niagara Falls for the first time (on the Canadian side where the view of the falls is more dramatic), they are often awestruck. When you seen it several times the awe factor is somewhat diminished .. you kind of get used to its magnificence. I wonder if you felt that with these monuments after a while?

  11. The views you are sharing here are magnificent enough, Linda, no need for a $60 tour here! Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. It would be interesting to drive closer to these giants,but I can understand the risks involved without the right vehicle.

  13. Gorgeous --but I think I like Canyonlands better (of the two)... $60 each for a tour is unbelievable... Yipes!!!!

    Stay WARM.

  14. An unbelievable amount of erosion must have taken place to leave these monuments. Incredible.

  15. Hi Linda! Again, such desolate beauty. In the middle of a road, up crops these immense rock formations. I bet you can see them miles ahead of you...and they get bigger and bigger the closer you get.
    Gorgeous horse shot. It's so cool to know that there are still wild horses!

  16. Linda, the cars make one to realize the size of the monuments and the vastness of the space, I'm not used to it. Extraordinary landscape indeed.

    I like the atmosphere of the photo with the horse(s), it has an interesting colour set. :)

  17. It is like looking at a different world....

  18. Simply stunning, brilliant compositions, lighting and colour, and just damn good images.


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