Sunday, November 25, 2012

Smokies...Little River Trail

On November 9, the final day of this visit to the Smokies, we took a stroll on the Little River Trail. I say "stroll" because we were just meandering, enjoying the beautiful day in our beautiful surroundings, without setting a destination or a mileage goal for ourselves.

Little River Trail is an easy trail that follows an old roadbed alongside one of the many picturesque rivers in the national park. For the first quarter-mile or so, the trail passes some now decaying old homes. The National Park Service ended the leases on these homes in 1992, leaving them to rot where they stood.

A peek through a window into one of the abandoned homes

This lovely stone bridge stands at the site of one of the old homes.

A couple of fisherman doing what fishermen love most

A glimpse of Little River. Notice the tree (or trees) growing around the boulders.

The sun was lighting these leaves perfectly.

The trail curves through the trees, making it look as if we're entering a tunnel. Doug shot this with the camcorder.

The trail, after we had turned around and were beginning our return trip.


  1. Lovely, as are so many of your photographs.

  2. Other beautifully lit leaves, Linda, they look lovely against the dark background.

    I find it quite sad to let those houses rot and let people watch their decaying. In my opinion it would be better to tear them down but then, it would cost money, right, this way no one needs to care.

  3. really beautiful river and woods. just enough color to catch the trickling sun.

  4. Looks like a wonderful LAST day in the Smokies, Linda.. Glad it was a pretty day for you all. The pictures are GREAT. Makes me want to head back up there myself. We do hope to go up sometime this next month (before the tourists get there) and see the Christmas lights in and around Gatlinburg/area...

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. We had fun with family--and lots of FOOD... (Gads!)

  5. This sounds like a perfect way to spend a day. I love that trail through the trees.

  6. You have such a nice photographic eye for your surroundings. Doug's camcorder also does an amazing job with still shots. I may have said that before, but it's true! Y'all sure go to some beautiful places. When hubby and I are dog-less, we plan to do this type of traveling and I'm gonna come back to your blog for inspiration!

  7. Thank you, Stephen. You'rve very kind.

    Thanks, Petra. I agree with you about the old houses. There are a few, in another section, that the Park Service is restoring for historical purposes, at least sufficiently enough to safely allow park visitors to go inside them.

    Theresa - In late fall, like this, more sun can get through those bare trees to light up the few remaining ones.

    Betsy - There were lots of Christmas lights up already when we were there. I know you'll enjoy them when you go.

    Thank you, Ruth. We hiked that trail one year when there was a literal shower of autumn leaves falling on and around us. It was magical.

    Thanks kindly, Gail. It's a beautiful place, so it doesn't take much of an "eye" to find something to photograph. :)

  8. You got some beautiful photos of one of our favorite trails. There are so many wonderful trails in the Smokies that we just keep going back. Thanks for taking us along on your hike.

    1. Thank you, George. We keep going back, too. It's familiar, comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful.

  9. What a beautiful spot.. that bridge is just wonderful.

    1. Thanks, Hilary. I was disappointed in my pictures of the stone bridge. It was prettier than what it looks like in my photos. :) I'll try again next time we go. Maybe we'll catch a little better lighting.


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