Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Drive to Newfound Gap and Clingmans Dome

We had already made plans to spend a week in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, before we received the plea from our missionary friends to come to Missouri. So we drove 600 miles to Missouri, then 750 miles from there to Tennessee. (It was on the way from Missouri to Tennessee that we encountered the bedbugs.)

Anyway, after the driving trip out west in September and the long drive to and from Missouri, plus the trauma of the bedbugs, it was just nice to spend a relaxing week in the Smokies, one of our very favorite vacation spots.

We timed our visit for after the peak of the fall color season in order to avoid the crowds and the higher rates for lodging. But, although we missed the peak of the colors, there was still enough left to satisfy us.

On Monday, November 5, we drove up Newfound Gap Road, hoping to see some of the three feet of snow reportedly dumped in the high country by Hurricane Sandy. Most of it had melted off by then, but there were mounds of it left by the snowplows, giving park visitors plenty of opportunities to play in the snow.

This is the view from Campbell of my favorite views in the Smokies

I almost missed this view, across the road from Campbell Overlook.

The view from Newfound Gap, on the state line between Tennessee and North Carolina

A view from the Clingmans Dome parking area, with snow left over from Hurricane Sandy

This is basically the same view as the previous picture, but zoomed in more.


  1. Wow,I have been here, but it is so nice to see it in a different season and a different eye. Most lovely pics Linda.

  2. Beautiful country, Linda. The first two photos still show nice and appealing colours.

  3. the fall colors are still much more vibrant than what texas sees. the blues of those mountains are so pretty.

  4. Beautiful pictures - sounds like a fantastic trip....well of course - no bed bugs would have been better.

  5. Hey Girlie, I was shocked to see this blog post... You were at Newfound on Monday --and we were there on Wednesday... There was TONS of snow up there (I'll do a blog about it on Friday)... I thought the snow had been from the big snow you mentioned.. However, it must has been from Tuesday night.... Crazy!!!! The roads were clear --but we got some great snow pictures. It was even 'spitting' snow when we were there on Wed. (We were headed across the mountain on to NC.)

    Great pictures though --but you won't believe it when you see my blog on Friday.... Crazy!!!!

    Hope you had a good remainder of the week.

  6. Wow-wee, Linda! These shots are spectacular. There looks to be plenty of color left, which you captured so nicely. I went to the Smoky Mountains as a young girl and loved the place. I've always wanted to go back.

  7. That area of our world is so beautiful. I would love to visit it sometime,but that may only be happening via pictures like yours and other bloggers.Thanks for the virtual visits.

  8. Steve - It's a beautiful place at any time of the year, but it's in its glory in the fall...even as late as we were there.

    Thank you, Stephen.

    Thanks, Petra. There was still a lot of color mingled with the bare trees.

    Theresa - Most of us in the north love the changing seasons, especially the multi-colored leaves in the fall. The Smokies are especially noted for that bluish layered look. I love it, too.

    Thanks, GQ. Hope your motel stay was uneventful (i.e., no bedbugs) and that you slept well even after reading about our experience.

    Betsy - We went back up there on Wednesday, too, so I know what you mean about the new snow. We were on our way over to Bryson City and the Deep Creek area of the park since it was raining in Pigeon Forge and surrounding areas. We did get out of the rain over there, although the day was still on the dreary side. We hiked to Tom Branch Falls and Indian Creek Falls that day.

    Gail - It's a gorgeous area and within a day's drive for us, so we go there often. There were a lot of totally bare trees when we were there, but the leaves remaining on others were beautiful.

    Ruth - You and your camera would love the Smokies; but, until you get there in person, I'll be glad to provide virtual visits. :)

  9. You got some wonderful pictures from 'our' Smokies, Linda. As Betsy mentioned, we went over Newfound Gap Wednesday and encountered a lot of fog and quite a bit of snow. The scenery was still beautiful.

    1. George - There was a lot of "old" snow up there on Monday, too. It just didn't make it into these photos. :) You and Betsy got to see the fresh stuff, even as it was coming down.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous scenery. One of these days, I'm going to have to stow away in your trunk.

    1. Hilary - We'd love to have you join us. We might even let you ride up front with us. :)


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