Friday, February 01, 2013

A Final Set of Photos from Busch Gardens

Here is one final set of photos from our visit to Busch Gardens on January 12.

Spotted Hyena (also known as the laughing hyena)


The spotted hyena is Africa's most common large carnivore. The large size of these animals was a surprise to me. Since seeing them at Busch Gardens, I did some research and learned that adult male spotted hyenas in the Serengeti weigh 89 to 121 lb (40.5 to 55.0 kg). Exceptionally large weights of as much as 200 lb (90 kg) have been documented.

Following are a couple of pictures of the hyena up on its feet, just to show you a little of their conformation. To me, they look fearsome and homely.


Next, we came to the African lions.

The picture of this Lioness had to be shot through glass, thus the lack of clarity.


Again, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that the picture of the lion was captured from the video that Doug shot with the camcorder. The lion was in the process of lying down; and, by the time I got into position to take a photo, nothing was showing of his head but a little of his mane.



Sunset as we were leaving Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens in Tampa is well worth a visit if you ever have the opportunity. And, if you do, I hope you'll invite me to view your photos.


  1. I love meerkats! Those big, dark eyes melt my heart. The hyena is an interesting animal. Looks part dog with a leopard coat--sorta. The stills from Doug's camcorder are impressive. Good thing you have that for backup. How well I know the uncooperative nature of wildlife! I have blinked or needed to scratch, missing my shot on too many occasions.

  2. hyenas are both oddly shaped and homely, yet still incredibly beautiful and treacherous. you showed their beautiful fur really well. that's a powerful pack of muscle. yikes!

    always love the felines.

  3. The sunset was amazing. I loved your tour of the zoo.

  4. Thanks for taking us to Busch Gardens with you. Your photo of the sunset is gorgeous.

  5. Thanks Linda for sharing... I loved seeing Busch Gardens from your perspective... Don't know if I have ever seen a hyena... Probably in a zoo---but can't remember it.

    Great sunset. Hope you have a good weekend. We finally got some SNOW this morning... Yeah!!! BUT--it was 10 degrees when I got up early today...


  6. Gail - I think my introduction to Meerkats came with the "Lion King" movie. Who knew that the real ones were just as cute as those animated ones in the movie? Doug and his camcorder have come through for me more times than I care to admit.

    Theresa - The hyenas didn't all have color as rich as the one shown here. Their faces are dog-like, but they're built differently than dogs. I think you chose a good word for them with "treacherous."

    Steve - Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour.

    George - It was a pleasure to serve as your guide. Thanks for the compliment on the sunset photo.

    Betsy - Thanks for the kind words. Hope you have a great weekend, too, and can enjoy the snow in spite of the super-cold weather.

  7. I think hyenas are quite lovely, really. But I think that of most mammals. Meerkats.. we have them at the Toronto Zoo and I fell in love with their cute ways the first time I saw them. They remind me of ET, the way they extend upwards to have a look around. The felines are gorgeous of course. Lovely shots and that sunset sure cooperated with you.

    1. Hilary - I think I've watched too many nature shows in which the hyenas are shown with bared teeth and fearsome growls. They are built funny, too, and just look sneaky. They don't look at all like something you'd want for a pet. :)

      Meerkats, now...that's another story. They're just adorable.

  8. I don't like hyenas and their posture, they look a bit weird and false in my opinion. I wouldn't want to meet them on my own.

    It was an interesting excursion into the Busch Gardens, Linda, thank you for being the guide. :)

    1. I'm in agreement with you on the hyenas, Petra. Their jaws are so powerful that they crush and eat bones. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour. :)


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