Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My great-nephew, Curtis, turns 16 today.

Aunt Linda with newborn Curtis.
(I cropped Curtis' mom out of the photo. I was afraid she'd kill me if I didn't.)

Christmas, 1998

Christmas, 1999

Christmas, 2002, with Mom, Dad, and little brother, Carson

HPIM1816a-Curtis' Track Meet
Running track, May, 2007

Curtis Football 2007 (46)
Catching the touchdown pass, October, 2007

Shooting a free throw, January, 2008

Carson's Graduation 015
Looking handsome, May, 2008
(You can't say "cute" once they hit 16.)

October, 2010, during a family vacation in Chicago

Enjoying the lake, August, 2010

Playing tuba in the school band, May, 2011

It seems a little inconclusive not to end this post with a picture of Curtis as a 16-year-old, but I don't have one yet. Soon maybe.

Happy 16th birthday, Curtis!


  1. Happy 16th to Curtis.. What a handsome, active and talented young man...


  2. he looks like a healthy, happy, athletic fellow. :)

  3. Man, he sure is in a lot of activities. Love that shot of him skiing. Curtis is quite a handsome dude! (hope dude is okay coming from an old timer) :)

  4. They grow so fast, yet i still see them as children through life

  5. Happy Birthday, Curtis! This is a marvelous post. I hope you soon get a picture of the 16-year-old young man.

  6. Stephen - Yes, he's been a busy boy. He's currently into golfing.

    Thank you, Betsy.

    He is, Theresa. He is. :)

    Gail - I think "dude" still works. :) Curtis and both his brothers have been given opportunities to participate in lots of activities. Curtis led the way and set the example.

    Steve - Isn't that the truth? It's amazing how fast they grow up.

    Thanks, George.

  7. Curtis is a handsome young man...and it looks as if he keeps his parents active following him around at all of his sporting events! We'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of Curtis at 16, probably in his CAR :)

    1. Thanks, Diane. I think he's handsome, too. Maybe because he bears a resemblance to his grandfather, my brother. His parents have been kept very busy getting Curtis and his two active brothers to all their activities. The thought of his driving a car makes me fear for his safety, but we all had to get through that period to get where we are today.

  8. What a nice collection of progressive images. Happy Birthday to cutie pie Curtis.

    1. Thanks, Hilary. I'm sure Curtis will appreciate that "cutie pie" remark. Not!

  9. Hi, Linda,
    The picture of you and Curtis as a baby is so good. If that
    was sixteen years ago that was about the time we met.
    So glad the Lord brought all of us together. He is so
    good to give us precious you two.

    1. Kay - You're right. That would have been near the time when we met. God has been good to give us such good friends.

  10. Linda, Curtis is such an active boy! And you know, my son will be 16 in April so I can see all the changes personally enough. :)

    I love the photo taken by the water in 2002, the happy family and the same or very similar sweaters make a magazine cover! :)

    1. Petra - Curtis' two younger brothers have followed in his active steps. It is a challenge for his parents to keep up with all their activities.

      Sixteen is the age at which our teens become drivers. Is it that way in the Czech Republic, too? It's a scary time for the parents of teens.

      That photo with the white sweaters is the one they used on their family Christmas card that year. I like it, too.

    2. The age at which one can drive a car is eighteen in the Czech Republic. For motorcycles there are different rules, it begins at the age of fifteen for the least powerful machines. I agree that the time may be quite scary for parents, I'll definitely be scared too when our son decides to get a driver's licence.


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