Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rifle Falls State Park, Colorado

Well, we decided to do some traveling again. And that means more photos to share with you lovely people.

Here are some pictures from Rifle Falls State Park in Rifle, Colorado. It's located on Interstate 70, about ninety miles east of the Utah border. It had taken us three days of pretty hard driving to get as far as Rifle, so we decided to stay over an extra day to rest up a bit and visit beautiful Rifle Falls.

This was a scene along the route to Rifle Falls State Park

The park is small, with a few camping sites available. The park's main feature is Rifle Falls, and it was definitely worth seeing.

The boy in the red shirt to the left of the falls lends some perspective to the picture.

The view from a little to the right of Rifle Falls, on the trail leading up over the top.

Wildlife on the trail to the top of the falls

Rifle Falls from the left side

Along the Rifle Falls trail

A quick internet search helped me to identify this little critter as a Banded Woolybear Caterpillar. We encountered it along the Rifle Falls Trail.

That's all for now, but stay tuned.


  1. Wow. Glad you pointed out the guy in the red shirt! Pretty amazing. Safe travels!!!

  2. Really sharp how close you can get to this waterfall. You are still in a high desert it looks with this nice oasis.

  3. Oh lovely. Here I thought you were sitting at home munching on goodies that the young apple pickers gave you, and instead you're traveling the country again.

    It sure looks like a beautiful area, Linda.. and those are some fine photos.

    I'm starting to see the wooly bears around here, too. They don't look overly wooly this year. Maybe it will be a mild winter.

    Safe travels, my friend.

  4. Wow look at those images, almost seems un-real. Richard from the Amish community of Leanon,Pa

  5. Love these pictures. That falls is quite spectacular.

  6. So open, so majestic. Love it.


  7. Elizabeth - I used to always try to keep people out of my landscape photos, thinking of them as a distraction. But there are times when they do come in handy to give perspective.

    Steve - I agree. We could even walk behind the waterfall, and did. Of course, we got a little wet in the process. And you're right about this being a little oasis in the midst of an otherwise desert-like terrain.

    Hilary - We took some of the banana bread with us. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

    Richard - Thanks for the kind comment and for visiting my blog.

    Ruth - Thanks so much for your always-kind comments.

    Thank you kindly, Pearl.

  8. Beautiful photo's, I love the waterfall, and what a great name for a caterpillar! It's always a breath of fresh are visiting your blog :o)

  9. Deborah - You're a breath of fresh air yourself. Thanks for the kind words.

  10. Thanks so much, T.O., for the kind words and for the visit.

  11. We need to go to the state park --if for nothing else, just to see those gorgeous waterfalls... Wow!!!!

  12. Betsy - I thought of you when we visited Rifle Falls. I knew you and George would love that place. On your next trip West, you'll have to try to work that in.


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