Thursday, September 08, 2011

Days 18-19: Alaska...from Portage to Homer to Seward

Our goal on August 25, 2007, Day 18, was to reach Homer, Alaska, intending to settle in there for a few days and take a glacier and/or wildlife cruise and do some other sightseeing.

The early part of the trip from our campground at Portage was beautiful.

100_0313-Along Seward Hwy from Portage to Homer
Along Seward Highway from Portage to Homer

100_0315-Lake at Tenderfoot Creek Campground
Lake at Tenderfoot Creek Campground, along the route from Portage to Homer

Then we went through some pretty boring stuff. Even the scenic overlooks weren't that scenic. Many had no view at all because of the growth of trees surrounding them. But it got beautiful again as we approached Homer. There was a truly scenic overlook at Kachemak Bay, just on the outskirts of Homer. From there, we could see a distant mountain that looked magnificent. We wondered if it could be Denali, but it didn't seem likely that we would be able to see Denali from that location. (The official name for Denali is "Mount McKinley," but Alaskans prefer the original name of "Denali.")

100_0338-Cook Inlet at Katchemak Bay
The above photo was taken from Cook Inlet at Katchemak Bay, but the mountain was far in the distance. I used a 12X zoom to bring it in this close.

100_0324-Cook Inlet at Katchemak Bay
Cook Inlet at Katchemak Bay
A mist was hovering over the water, while clouds crowned the mountains.

100_0333-Cook Inlet at Katchemak Bay
Cook Inlet at Katchemak Bay

100_0336-Cook Inlet at Katchemak Bay
Happy Campers at Cook Inlet, Katchemak Bay-Just outside of Homer, Alaska

We stopped at Oceanview RV Park, on the north end of town, and booked a full-hookup campsite for the night.

100_0340-Oceanview RV Park, Homer, AK
Harvey, enjoying the view of the mist over the water at Oceanview RV Park in Homer

The RV park owner gave us directions to her favorite pizza place, Starvin' Marvin's, at the base of the Homer Spit. We drove the length of the Spit, then found the restaurant back at the beginning of it. The pizza was very good and really hit the spot.

We found that Homer wasn't really our cup of tea, though, and decided to move on the next day.

On August 26, Day 19, we went to Sunday school and church at the Homer Independent Baptist Church, and it was really nice. It was small, and not as warm and welcoming as our own church, but still very nice. We really enjoyed the services, and it felt good to be in church again after missing the last two Sundays. The Pastor and his wife had attended college in Indiana, so they were very familiar with where we were from.

100_0339-Homer Independent Baptist Church
Homer Independent Baptist Church

After church, we headed north, out of Homer, and stopped at the Kachemak Bay scenic overlook to use the restrooms, change out of our church clothes, and have lunch. Then we drove to Seward and camped at Stoney Creek RV Park. It was very nice, and we found a spot with full hookups that didn't require too much leveling.

100_0347-Kenai Lake from Seward Hwy #9
Kenai Lake from Seward Highway, en route from Homer to Seward

I booked a reservation for the next day with Renown Tours for a six-hour cruise, to see glaciers and wildlife in the Kenai Fjords National Park. They offered to send a shuttle to pick us up, so we wouldn't have to unhook Harvey.

We had purchased an Alaska Tour Saver coupon book before our trip, and I would recommend it to anyone planning a trip to Alaska. There are all kinds of two-for-one deals in it, and our Renown Tours cruise was one of them. It takes only one or two of this type of coupon to more than pay for the book.

No extra charge for that tip.


  1. Harvey's really pulling his weight on this trip! Can't wait to see pictures from your cruise.

  2. Elizabeth - We put over 10,000 miles on Harvey, most of it on this trip. :)

    Thanks, Ruth. It really IS something to see.

  3. Picture #2...absolutely stunning! This was such an adventure; just what we'd love to do. Your travel trips are appreciated, too!

  4. Thanks, Deb. I think I made Doug turn around and go back to get that picture. I'm glad you liked it.


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