Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New York in October, 2009

In October of 2009, Doug and I attended a Bible conference at the Word of Life Conference Center in Schroon Lake, New York, with two other couples from our area. Here are a few photos from that trip.

The six of us playing dominoes during a break in the conference. And let me say that the dominoes with numbers, instead of dots, are much easier to work with. I highly recommend them. And be prepared to play by the rules of the person with the strongest personality because it just seems that no two people understand the rules in the same way. I'm just sayin'...

The six of us all had plans for something we wanted to do after the conference, so the three couples had each driven separately. Since Doug and I had never been to New York before, we wanted to see a little more of the area before heading for home. So we took a drive up to Lake Placid, which had been the site of the Winter Olympic games in 1932 and again in 1980. It's a gorgeous area.

On the drive up to Lake Placid

Another scene on the drive to Lake Placid

A ski slope in Lake Placid

Fungus on a log

How many beaver lodges have you seen with a satellite dish?


  1. I had never heard of dominos with numbers on them. What a great idea -- I'd get a set of those if we didn't already have numerous sets of the others.

    Love the pictures from Lake Placid. My favorite is the fungus ... which I guess doesn't just scream Lake Placid. But it's my favorite anyway. :)

    Sandi's picking me up for WW this morning. For the first time, I now regret all those malts we drank while I was in rehab. But I'm sure I'll get over it ... after the weigh-in. :)

  2. It's amazing how many different sets of rules there are for common games. It's been years since I've played dominoes but a friend of mine suggested it recently so I just might one day soon.

    I have vague recollections of Lake Placid from when I was a child. We were there for about a week one year in the mid-sixties. I also recall visits to Ausable Chasm (and rafting through mini-rapids) and Lake George - all in the same beautiful area, I believe.

    Your photos are great. I especially love the barn scene and the autumn ski slope. The satellite dish just cracked me up. Do you suppose they were watching reruns of Leave it to Beaver?

  3. I enjoyed the pics and got a good laugh at the last.I thought maybe they were being filmed perhaps.Like Hillary's suggestion of watching reruns. LOL

  4. Sandra-I love the numbered domino sets. We have a travel-size set of them, but a full-size set would be nice. I like that fungus picture, too. I had kind of forgotten about it until I was going through the pictures again last night and came across it. Sorry about being an enabler while you were in rehab, but you looked so pathetic. :)

    Hilary-All three couples took a boat tour on Lake George. That was very pretty, too. We missed the Ausable Chasm. I think we tried to go there but weren't willing to pay the price they wanted for admission. I thought of you when I uploaded the barn scene because I remember your saying that you like barns. And your comment about the satellite dish on the beaver lodge cracked me up. I love the way your mind works. You and RM would have hit it off, for sure.

    Out on the prairie-Glad I could give you a laugh today. Hilary's a hoot, isn't she?


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