Monday, November 22, 2010

Some Updates and More Smokies Photos


Doug is doing better, following his nose surgery on Friday and two subsequent trips to the emergency room. He slept well last night, and a good rest always helps things look a little brighter.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the pending closing of our church at the end of this year. Well, thankfully, we've made some changes that have encouraged our pastor to continue the work. Pastor Paul loves the teaching and preaching and song leading, but all the extra responsibilities were just wearing him down, especially when added to his full-time job, which pays the bills for his family. Several people have since come forward to shoulder some of the burdens that Pastor Paul had been bearing alone, and he has happily agreed to postpone his retirement.

Smokies Photos:

These photos were taken in October of 2003, before a digital camera had entered my life. The camera was a good SLR, but film has a hard time competing with least, in my experience.

This rock formation is known as "Rock House"


    1. Linda -- You know I have always been a fan of your photography, so it is a little surprising to look at these, in comparison to the ones you achieve with a digital camera. It had never occurred to me what a difference there would be. But these are still beautiful, just in a less vivid way.

      We hadn't talked recently about your church closing, so I'm glad to hear that it didn't. It has seemed to be a perfect fit for you and Doug, so it was hard to think of you having to look for another church. But it sounds like God stepped in through members of the congregation to keep the church going. I'm so happy for you and the church family that I know you have come to love.

    2. Sandy-There are photographers who can make really quality photographs using a film camera and who, in fact, want nothing to do with digital. I'm apparently not one of them. I've always loved that photo of the bridge, but I do wish it had the sharpness of a digital photo. Maybe someday I can manage to recreate it with digital.

      A lot of folks are heaving sighs of relief and offering prayers of thanks that the church will be staying open. We're among them. Our church wouldn't be a good fit for everyone; but, for the ones that call it home, its uniqueness would have made it difficult to find another.

    3. Think I lost my 1st comment. Nice to hear all is doing well. Great pics to share.

    4. Out on the prairie-Lost comments are among the many cyberspace mysteries, aren't they? Thanks for the visit and kind comment.

    5. Oh look.. here it is! I found Out On the Prairie's comment. I might as well use it and then just elaborate a tad. ;) I too am happy to hear that your hubby is recovering well. And that your church is on track as you'd hoped.

      I can't imagine using a non digital SLR.. the expense alone - not to mention the instant gratification that has me so spoiled now. These are lovely photos all the same.

    6. Hilary-I LOVED that camera. It was a Konica, and I usually used a 70-200 mm lens on it. I had some other lenses, including a 35 mm and a wide angle lens; but the zoom lens was my favorite. When I decided to make the move to digital, I tried to sell the Konica and all its paraphernalia; but no one wanted it. I wound up giving it away.

      I had that camera for years...maybe 20 or so. I should dig out some of my old photos and scan them into the computer. A lot of them were slides, though. Remember slides? :)


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