Saturday, June 20, 2015



We found this little guy hiding in the grass in our back yard yesterday. His mama must have told him that, if he didn't move, he was invisible. We got quite close to him without his moving so much as to twitch an ear or blink an eye. Maybe he thought he was safe behind that leaf.

This morning, I saw several rabbits that size flitting around in our yard and the neighbors'. They're fast, man.

It's been a rough week for us, especially for Doug. There were two trips to the emergency room, one by ambulance on Monday and the other in the car driven by me on Tuesday. They found a kidney stone on the second trip and removed it Wednesday afternoon. He came home Thursday night. Then we had to go back to the emergency room last night because the pain was getting bad again. This time, they sent him home with some oral medication for the pain. So far, so good today.


  1. oh, you poor things (both of you because i know it's incredibly stressful for you, too!) hope all will be okay and settle down again!

    love the tiny bunny! so cute!

  2. Hope for good recovery, sounds tough. My neighbor feeds and names the wild ones in his yard. They can go right down a garden row and eat all.

  3. I do hope that that kind of adventures are now done for you.Hospital trips are not what we want,but thank God we have these places when we need them.

  4. I hopedoug is recovering now adn the pain has gone. Love the tiny bunny.


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