Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hot Rod or Motorcycle?

Doug and I took a road trip at the end of May, to visit Cousin Bill's widow, Anita. We hadn't seen her since Bill died a year and a half ago. The only photos I took that day were from the car as we drove the two and a half hours each way.

These first pictures are of an odd-looking vehicle that we passed on the highway. It had three wheels and was pulling a small trailer. 

The license plate on the vehicle itself bore a handicap emblem.

Please excuse the next photo. I wouldn't normally post one of such poor quality, but it was the only shot I could get of the front. I took the picture through the outside rearview mirror on the passenger side of our car, as we passed him.

The next two were taken from the passenger seat, through the driver's side window, as he passed us.

The final picture in this post is of a cloud formation that caught our eye on our way home that evening.


  1. very cool cloud! and even neater vehicle! like a custom creation. :)

  2. That is a unique looking vehicle.The clouds are beautiful.

  3. Linda, I love your last photo especially, the cloud formation is brilliant!

  4. Quite the combination, I am not sure would ride in it.

  5. I'm not sure how I would classify that vehicle, but it is certainly unique. I really like your sky photo.

  6. That car does look very unusual, I wonder whether it was custom-made. It seems so…

  7. What a unique vehicle! Sort of what I'd imagine the Amish would create if they dared step into the 21st century. :) Hope y'all had a fun trip.


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