Tuesday, September 10, 2013


There are so many interesting barns in our part of the country. Today I want to show you some of them.


The angle of the above shot makes it look as if this is all one barn, but there are actually about 20 feet separating the metal structure from the wooden one. These two barns always catch my eye, partly because of the texture and colors in the wooden one and the interesting shades of green on the metal one.

Below are closer looks at each of them.


It's difficult to say whether the lighter shades of green resulted from someone's artistic flair or from an attempt to cover someone else's flair for graffiti.
Now, the following photograph is of a barn that we pass on our way to Ouabache State Park. There was no place to stop the car on the busy highway, so this was a drive-by shot.


This barn is quite large, and I suspect it's very old. It's a "bank barn" that is built into the side of a hill or bank, allowing ground-level access to both the upper and lower levels. 

Today marks my third anniversary of blogging. I began this adventure on September 10, 2010, never imagining all the interesting people I would meet in the process and all the new things I would learn and see through each of your blogs. It's been fun.

If you want to see how it started, click here to see my very first post.



  1. happy 3rd blogiversary!!! i do like the splotches of green. tried to make them into leaves or something, but i'm guessing - like you said - covering graffiti.

  2. Happy blogiversary, Linda! I love the idea behind the bank barn as I've had to help get hay into the barn loft more times than I fancied I ever would. All wooden barns are beautiful to me though.

    I did go back and read how your blog got started and, yeah, that last line was an admirable burst of cleverness. ;) Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful photos from the barns and happy blogiversary!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  4. Happy 3rd blogiversary, Linda!!! I love barns, and these are very nice. Great photos!

  5. Hi Linda Well done on reaching your 3rd Anniversary of blogging. Love 2nd shot
    the best.

  6. Found one similar to your drive by shot that always had a goat watching traffic from an open door on the second floor. Love these prairie castles.

  7. I love pictures of barns. And congratulations on three years of blogging. Quite an accomplishment.

  8. Happy blog Anniversary...I pray you will have a lot more of them. It was fun reading your first post...glad you kept with it. Both barns are great but I Love the second one and it does look huge. I am also agreeing that the green may be covering up graffiti. I like Out On The Prarie's name for the barns.."Prairie castles" :)

  9. Happy Blog Anniversary! Indiana has many interesting barns, and I thank you for sharing these with us.

  10. Hello Linda, and happy 3rd blogiversary. So good to see you're still beholding the beauty. Barns! LOVE 'EM! I was out taking pictures of some just yesterday. These that you've shown us surely have tales, for they're so patched and worn, and yet, still standing. Thanks for the tour.

  11. Firstly, Happy third blogiversary and secondly your photographs inspire me to do better...

  12. Hi Linda - I really like your barn shots. I enjoy getting photos of old barns too.

  13. Happy belated blogiversary, Linda! I just started back blogging yesterday, so I am desperately trying to catch up. Those are some unique barns and wonderfully captured by you. That last barn is really interesting with those small windows dotting the side. The green one stands out as well. What a nice drive to the State Park. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  14. Happy three years, my sweet friend. I'm so glad that Sandra nudged you into blogging. Now if only we can drag her back to the blogosphere again. :) I'm glad to know you and to see life though your photographic eye.


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