Friday, July 26, 2013


On Monday, we visited Doug's brother for a belated birthday celebration. Dennis' birthday had been on Sunday, but we weren't able to get together until Monday. On our way home that afternoon, we drove by a small community airport and were surprised to see a B-17 Bomber sitting on the tarmac.



The aircraft was on display at this local airport, compliments of the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. 


Rides in the B-17 were being offered for $425 in the back or $850 in the nose. That was just a wee bit out of our price range.


My husband is an airplane junky. Maybe it's because his dad served on an aircraft carrier in World War II. I don't know. But, if he's in the house and hears an airplane going over, he'll run outside to try to get a look at it and identify it if he can.
I'm sure he'd have loved to go for a ride on this B-17. Fortunately for our budget, my airplane junky husband is also a tightwad.
For more information on the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force or on this particular B-17, click here.


  1. The display must have been a wonderful surprise for your husband and the ride would have been an impressive experience for sure...

    My father's hobby was assembling plastic models of air planes (both civil and war ones), tanks, ships and army vehicles, we had loads of the models at home. He read lots of books and magazines on war army machines and equipment. When my father died I moved most of them to our house where some of them are displayed, most of them stored and they definitely belong to my life. I can understand Doug's passion and find this post very interesting. :)

  2. love the 'tightwad' comment. :) sounds like a splurge might be in order for him, though.

    it is pretty. not sure i'd want a ride.

  3. You got some great photos of the B-17. I don't think there are very many of those flying nowadays. It's too bad the price of a ride was so high. I'm sure Doug would have enjoyed it immensely.

  4. Well---as much as hubby would have loved to have ridden in that airplane, that price is ridiculous for most of us.... Gads!!!! George and I are going to ride on a tall ship (one of G's loves) when we go to Williamsburg and Yorktown in Sept. BUT--we're only paying $35 each for a 2-hour sunset ride... Even that is expensive --but nothing like that airplane ride...


  5. Great picture of a Flying Fortress perfectly restored. My late dad was also a flight junkie and I would have loved sharing this picture with him. Fortunately, he got to take a ride on one of these beauties shortly before he passed away.

  6. Great pictures. My hubby was also an aircraft junkie,even though he never was in the military or any such thing.Just loved airplanes.

  7. That's very cool.. I would love to take a ride on that thing. I can imagine how Doug may have felt.

    He's surely not that much of a tightwad.. the proof is in what you used to take these marvellous photos. ;)


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