Monday, April 15, 2013

Changing Cameras

When I got my Canon Powershot SX20 IS in August of 2010, just before I started this blog, I thought (and Doug hoped) that it would be the last camera I'd ever need. It's an advanced point and shoot model, with lots of features and an amazing zoom, with a focal range from 28 mm to 560 mm.
But wouldn't you know...Canon wasn't going to let me remain satisfied too long. I resisted the models they introduced over the next couple of years. But then they came out with the Canon Powershot SX50 HS, with even more features and a focal range of 24 mm to 1200 mm. Now how was I supposed to resist that?
So...I have sold my SX20 to my good friend, Pat, and have ordered the SX50 from BH Photo.
Saying "goodbye" to my faithful SX20, prompted me to go back through my archives and pull a representative sampling of images it has a sort of farewell tribute post.

This hawk was drying its wings after a rain shower in Yellowstone National Park 10/04/2010.

Pronghorn Antelope somewhere in Wyoming 10/05/2010
Robin in our Backyard 04/14/11
Baltimore Oriole outside the window at Doug's step-mom's house 05/06/2011

Blackbird in our backyard 05/11/2011

Amish girl and draft horses 06/01/11

My favorite pizza. This was our 24th anniversary dinner 08/15/2011.

A very patient dragonfly, posing for several photos 08/16/2011

Chipmunk at Bryce Canyon, Utah 09/25/2011

Coyote at Yosemite National Park, California 10/05/2011

Sunset at Fred Howard Beach, Florida 02/06/2012

Black Bears along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park 04/15/2012

Belted Kingfisher at Ouabache State Park, Indiana 06/16/2012

Bull Moose near Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 09/23/2012

Robin on our lamppost 04/12/2013. The last photo taken before the SX20 went to its new owner.



  1. these are great! awww. the last shot... :)

    i know you are going to love that new cam. know several bloggers with that model and i am SO impressed with its zoom capability! wowza!

  2. Awesome photos, Linda... Hope your new camera will do as good--or BETTER (since it even has a longer zoom)..... I know you are excited... CONGRATS.


  3. I'm a photographer with only modest skills but your work is truly superb.

  4. Theresa - Yes, the pressure is on for me to put up the same quality of photos that some of those other bloggers are doing. :)

    Betsy - Thanks so much. I've been very pleased with the SX20, so I'm hoping I can learn the SX50 sufficiently to do as well or better with it.

    Stephen - Awww, shucks. You make me blush.

  5. These are beautiful pictures. I am sure you will enjoy that new camera a lot.I find myself reaching for mine often.

    1. Ruth - I looked at Stokes Birding Blog. She's an amazing photographer. If I can get captures anything like hers and yours, I'll be thrilled.

  6. Congrats on the new camera, Linda! After scrolling through these fabulous images, I know it was bittersweet to say goodbye your old friend. If your three year old model did this well, I can only imagine how well the newer model will perform. Yay for new equipment! When I first bought my dslr 5 years ago, I, too, thought it would be the last camera I'd ever own. I've upgraded twice since then. :/ I'm so jealous of the belted kingfisher shot! :)

  7. hard to give up an old one, but newer models get so much funner

  8. You certainly got some great pictures with your old camera, and I'm sure the new camera will give equally good results. I'm trying hard to resist the new cameras that Canon has put out since I got mine. It just seems to get harder to do each year, but I'm still resisting. I've always had good experiences with BH Photo.

  9. Gail - Thanks so much. It IS hard to give up a camera that's been such a big part of your life. But I'm so pleased that my friend bought it. She and I plan to go walking together with cameras in hand to see what we can find. Whatever that might be, you'll probably see it here. :)

    Steve - Your "funner" made me smile. It's a good word.

    George - It just isn't fair how fast they come out with new cameras and computers and phones and such. We just bought our wonderful camcorder last year (also from BH Photo), and it's no longer available for sale anywhere but on eBay. We're so pleased with it, though, that we have no desire to "upgrade."

  10. Wonderful shots, Linda. All of the.. but that coyote is just amazing.. what a sharp image of its beautiful face. I hated not being able to fall back on my PowerShot once I moved on to the DSLR but I had little choice in that matter.. the darn thing stopped recognizing that it had full batteries. Cameras keep getting better and better. You're going to have a blast with your new one. And I read what you responded to Gail. It's even more fun going out shooting together.

    1. Thanks, Hilary. At first, I thought the coyote had an eye problem. But I looked at a number of images on the internet, and they all look like that. I've loved the SX20, but Pat seems thrilled with it; so that makes parting with it easier. And I'm so looking forward to working with the new one. It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow!

  11. Linda, this is a beautiful set of photos, it would be hard to choose just one as the best. I love the Baltimore Oriole and the dragonfly, it's amazingly sharp.

    It's a great idea to go walking with your friend, both of you having your new cameras in hands!

    1. Thank you, Petra. It was hard to pick a representative few pictures from the SX20. Our time together was relatively short (about two and a half years), but I had lots of photos to show for it. That Baltimore Oriole was a special treat. Just minutes before that, we'd been talking about how we hadn't seen one in ages. :)


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