Monday, August 27, 2012

A Few More Horses

It seems like another lifetime ago that I was so heavily involved with horses. Back then, they were my life. Everything I did revolved around the horses. Even now, they still hold a special place in my heart.

So I have one last set of pictures to share here. The first two posts featured my first horse, a Half-Arabian mare named Gayranna, and her offspring. Those posts can be viewed here and here.

Well, a couple of purebred Arabians were purchased during those years, as well. One was a gray filly named AJ Gwalima, which I purchased from my cousin-in-law, Anita. The letters, "AJ," are the initials of Anita's first and middle names. Her Arabian horse farm was called AJ Arabians, and those initials were included in the registered names of the foals produced by her mares.

AJ Gwalima
I purchased one other purebred Arabian mare, this one from the man in Florida who had purchased Serada and several other of Gayranna's offspring from me. She was a bay mare named Jessica Sunrise.

Jessica Sunrise
Jessica Sunrise
"Jessie" produced a lovely filly for me, sired by one of Anita's stallions, AJ Ramada.

Sunada (AJ Ramada x Jessica Sunrise)
And, finally, a few photos of a some of Gayranna's foals and glimpses of my sweet collie, Heather.

Sera Lee (Seranej x Gayranna)
Seradan (Seranej x Gayranna)
Seradan (Seranej x Gayranna)
I've been out of the horse "business" since the early eighties. You'd think I'd be over it by now, wouldn't you? But, to me, there's no creature more beautiful than a horse. Since I've been away from showing and breeding Arabians, I've developed an appreciation for virtually every breed of horse. They all have their good qualities.

I love the fact that the Amish who live around us have such a variety horses. Many of them are so beautiful that they could compete well in the show ring. We've lived here for 23 years, and I still run to the window when I hear a buggy or farm wagon passing by, feasting my eyes on the beautiful animals that are pulling the vehicle. 

If I haven't gotten over it by now, I don't think I ever will.


  1. Such beautiful creatures. I can easily understand why people are so intrigued by them.

  2. I agree, they are beautiful animals. I don't know much about horses, but I love looking at pictures of them and learning more. Hope you have a great week!

  3. there are worse addictions, for certain. i have to agree with your love of the arabian breed, but i, too, appreciate all of them.

  4. Oh those young are just adorable. Why would you want to "get over" them. A love of animals is a lifelong things. You might need to get yourself another one. Or do some volunteer work with horses. Just a thought. Or two.


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