Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Memories Live On In The Wrong Minds

We took Doug's brother, Dennis, out for supper Saturday night, to celebrate his birthday. And he just had to remind me of an incident that I had tried to banish forever from my memory.

Many years ago, we had met a large group of friends, including Dennis, for dinner at a very nice restaurant prior to all of us going together to hear the Cathedral Quartet in concert. The restaurant featured a dessert buffet...a very long table filled with all kinds of tasty treats.

Being an avid chocoholic, I headed straight for the chocolate tort, beautifully displayed on a lovely pedestal cake stand.

Although the tort had already been cut into individual servings, no one had yet taken a piece. Undeterred by the prospect of being the first, I picked up the serving utensil lying next to it and, with that in my right hand and a dessert plate in my left, attempted to serve myself a piece of that tort.

I had barely touched the cake stand with the serving utensil when it collapsed, falling off the back side of the table with a clatter and the dull thud of chocolate tort hitting carpet.

Of course, everyone at my table was saying, "Did YOU do that?" And those at other tables were just staring and pointing and whispering to their companions. At the commotion, a man came running from the kitchen, looking from me to the mess at the dessert table.

Hesitantly, I asked, "Do you work here?"

He again looked from me to the disaster at the dessert table and said, "I USED to," as if he was about to lose his job because of me.

But, in the end, he was very nice about the whole thing. It turned out that the pedestal on that cake plate had been cracked. It broke in two at the first touch of the serving utensil, dumping the tort onto the floor and embarrassing me beyond words.

But my "friends," as well as my brother-in-law, have very long memories and are not at all shy about reminding me of the incident.



  1. Uh OH----Moral of that story: Don't take the FIRST piece.... ha ha ... Mama always told me not to ever take the LAST piece--but I had never thought about not taking the first piece before....Cute post!!!

  2. Well doesn't that just take the cake! ;)

    You are a true blogger, Linda. You open with "And he just had to remind me of an incident that I had tried to banish forever from my memory." and then proceed to put it in writing for all to see. Gotta love that.

    Of course retelling this funny story does make it a deliciously witty re-tort.

  3. I'm sure you'll get over it eventually, but it's so sad when chocolate dies. RIP delicious tort.

  4. i'm laughing at hilary's comment - so true. :)

    love the new blog look - and new photo, too! love your gorgeous white hair!!!

  5. Oh no! I hope the concert later made up for the unfortunate start to the evening.

  6. Oh, dear! I can just imagine your sense of panic as the scene unfolded. And the disappointment in your taste buds and tummy. Bet you don't look at torts and serving utensils the same way after that experience!


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