Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Good Bad Day

Saturday, we decided to go on a mini-vacation to Chain O' Lakes State Park. Before embarking on the hour's drive to the park, we stopped at Subway to get sandwiches for a picnic lunch later. After arriving at Chain O' Lakes, we spent about an hour driving through the park, trying unsuccessfully to find a suitable place to enjoy an afternoon of reading.

We finally gave up and decided to head for Ouabache State Park, about an hour away. When we arrived there, we found that a wedding party had reserved our favorite spot; and they were using every inch of it. We walked partway around the lake, looking for something else that would work. Nothing. Then we went back to another picnic with no view of the lake...but we didn't really see what we were looking for there either. Lots of trees and big limbs were down in that area, damage suffered during a big storm a couple of weeks ago.

It was midafternoon by then, and we still hadn't eaten our Subway sandwiches. Neither of us was really hungry, so we just decided we'd save the sandwiches and consider them to be supper instead of lunch.

After leaving Ouabache State Park, we drove back to the nearby town of Bluffton and followed the River Greenway for awhile, thinking we might find the kind of place we were looking for along there...a place to enjoy our picnic or to sit and read or both. But we didn't find it there either.

So then we decided to go to one of our favorite eating establishments...the hospital cafeteria in another nearby town...and just get a bowl of soup. Then we'd have our Subways when we got home. But the soup at the hospital that day was cream of mushroom. That isn't a favorite for either of us, although the soups in that particular hospital cafeteria have never disappointed.

We decided to skip the soup and head for home, where we enjoyed our Subways in front of the television set.

Doug compared our experiences Saturday with the time we drove four hours to Houghton Lake only to turn around and come right back home. 

On the surface, one would think we'd had a bad day. But it was a GOOD bad day since it was a pretty day for a drive, and we were both having a good time in spite of our many disappointments.


  1. you've got a great attitude about it - a nice day for a drive. :)

  2. As Theresa said, you both did have a good attitude about that kind of a day... We seldom go anywhere these days on the weekends --because of the crowds... But---you all did have a nice drive.... AND--I'm sure those sandwiches tasted good wherever you ate them!!!!


  3. I was thinking how this sounded like that other outing. Sometimes we just need to get out and have a good sandwich to look forward to. That makes it a pretty decent day in my eyes, also.

  4. You certainly know how to put a positive spin on things.. I think this Is a trait of happy people.

  5. Just getting out and away from home for a little while is refreshing. Sorry you had so many disappointments but you handled them all with a positive spirit.

  6. Fun to explore so many horizons,I enjoy finding that right palce and have ended back at home


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