Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring Beauty

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. Here are a few photos, taken today in our back yard:

Blossoms and buds on our apple tree

Budding crab apple tree

One of our neighbor's tulips


  1. Gorgeous, Linda... Love the apple blossom.. Wow!!!! Isn't Spring just awesome?

    Gonna be out-of-pocket for a few days...

  2. both apple trees are so beautiful - one large and white and the other so tightly budded. :)

  3. How is it that Spring flowers have the ability to affect us so?

  4. Gotta love spring and all its beauty. Wonderful images, Linda.

  5. lovely capture of the beauty around you.The first blooms are so refreshing to bring in the season, along with some good smells also.

  6. Betsy - Thanks kindly. Spring is indeed awesome.

    Theresa - There aren't as many blossoms on the apple tree this year as last, but the ones that are there are gorgeous. The crab apple tree, on the other hand, I think is going to be glorious in another few days.

    Stephen - I think it's partly because spring flowers are just plain beautiful. But it's also because, for those of us in the colder climates, it's the new life awakening all around us after the barrenness of winter.

    Hilary - Thank you kindly. Each season has its own beauty; but spring, coming as it does after winter, seems to burst with it.

    Steve - Thank you. I can tell from your own blog how much you enjoy spring's beauty, too.

  7. Stunning images. The delicate beauty of the apple blossoms and the vibrant colour of the tulip,all are lovely.

  8. Wonderful images, Linda.Thanks

  9. Very pretty Linda! I didn't know such blooms grew on crab apple trees. So much I don't know about plant life, but I admire it all! :)

  10. s.m. - Thank you for the visit and the kind words.

    Elizabeth - I don't know much about plants, either, but the blossoms on the fruit trees seem to be an indicator of the amount of fruit they will produce. This looks like a great year for the crab apples, and that means food for the birds and squirrels through the winter.


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