Monday, April 30, 2012

The Blue Ridge Parkway, Part 2

After visiting the James River visitor's center, our next stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway was Fallingwater Cascades. The information I had was that it was 3/10 mile to the first cascade, with an option to walk further to more cascades if desired. Well, the temperature by then was in the eighties, and the walk was steep. And then, when we reached the cascade, it was hard to get any pictures of it because of the way the trail lay in relation to it and the underbrush between the two.

Doug on the trail to Fallingwater Cascades (You can see the cascades in the background.)
A closer look at Fallingwater Cascades
Dogwood blossoms on the Fallingwater Cascades trail
Butterfly on dandelion along the Fallingwater Cascades trail
After the hot hike back to our vehicle and its welcome air conditioning, we drove to Peaks of Otter Lodge, where we parked, walked around a bit, and rested for a few minutes on a bench by the lake.

Sharp Top Mountain at Peaks of Otter
Peaks of Otter Lodge
We had wanted to spend a night at Peaks of Otter Lodge, but the timing just didn't work out. It was mid-afternoon when we arrived there, and we decided to drive on a little further before stopping for the night. We wound up staying in Roanoke, Virginia; and it was ninety degrees Fahrenheit when we arrived in town. That's way to hot for April 16th.


  1. What a lovely trip, I was out there four years ago and really enjoyed it

  2. love those falls. lovely terrain!

  3. The area looks so beautiful. I love the cascades,oh,I just love all the scenes.

  4. Your photographs are great and you have a real gift for framing a shot. Nice work.

  5. Your photos are wonderful, Linda. I love the dogwood blossoms and that very sharp mountain peak. And I even love the word "cascade." It's so much more whimsical than "falls."

  6. Oh how I love the Peaks of Otter... It's a very peaceful setting...

    Not sure I want to even try that hike to the Fallingwater Cascades.... There is definitely not a good place to get pictures, is there?

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip with us.

  7. Steve - It IS beautiful in that area. It's no surprise that you've been there and that you liked it. :)

    Theresa - Thanks.

    Ruth - Thanks for the kind words.

    Stephen - You're very kind.

    Hilary - Thanks so much. It's always a pleasure to give you a touch of whimsy. :)

    Betsy - If there was a good place to get photos of Fallingwater Cascades, we didn't find it. And did I mention it was HOT? :)

  8. How beautiful! Loved your Part I as well. I've driven on parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway and have always had a special like for the Smokey Mountains. Such a beautiful area!

  9. Looks like an adventurous walk to see those cascades. You'd want decent hiking boots.

    Love that butterfly! What a handsome creature. I haven't seen that variety before.

    Thanks for taking us along, Linda. I enjoyed the outing. :)

  10. Elizabeth - Thanks so much. If you and Eddie are ever headed for the Smokies, let us know. It would be fun to meet you there.

    Frank - Thanks for the always-positive comments. I don't believe I'd walk to that cascade again. It was a short trail, but fairly difficult and not very rewarding. I was disappointed in the way the butterfly photo turned out, so your kind comment is appreciated.

  11. Hello,
    We recently drove the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Skyline Drive...while looking for more information on the James River for my own blog, I stumbled onto yours. What a beautifully done blog!
    I see you are from Indiana...what part of the state? We are from Indiana, as well. We lived in southern Indiana for 30+ years before selling out to live full time in an RV (Washington COunty).
    Keep up the good work!

    Anita - travelingdancers"at"

    (we are square dancers)


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