Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waving at Dave

I've kept a journal on my computer for a number of years. My entries were pretty sporadic during my working years; but, after my layoff/retirement in 2000, I've been pretty faithful about keeping it current on a daily basis.

I've found many benefits to this practice. The most obvious is that it provides a written record of events. When my aging brain refuses to recall them on demand, the journal program allows me to search for a word or phrase; and it will locate all the entries that contain that word or phrase.

Another fun benefit is that the journal often allows me to win arguments because I can look back and prove that the event occurred just as I said it did. Of course, if I look back and find that the event didn't occur that way, no one needs to know.

Since I've started blogging, though, I've discovered yet another benefit of journaling. Often, as I'm searching through the journal for something else, I'll come across an entry that provides a little blog fodder.

Following is an example:

Our good friend, Dave, had been laid off by the company where he had worked as an electrical engineer for most of his career. Instead of moping around about the layoff, Dave eagerly decided to pursue a career he had always a truck driver. He took the CDL training and was hired by a local auto auction to pick up and deliver vehicles for the auction.

One morning, Dave called us to say that he would be passing through our little town in his Auto Auction truck. So Doug and I jumped into the car and drove down to the corner to watch for him. Our timing was perfect. As we arrived at the corner, we saw a big car hauler coming, so we both waved energetically until the driver waved back at us. Then we saw Dave in the truck that was following the car hauler.

Either Dave's truck route never took him through our little town again or he chose not to call us when it did.


  1. I'm confused. Dave didn't wave back because you accidentally waved at the wrong vehicle? And he was a good friend ? I don't get it.

  2. Hi Linda, What a cute story... And Kudos to your friend for getting some training and another job.. So many people just sit around and pout rather than make some new choices... Love it!!!!

    I have journaled for years ---but now am putting my energies on a Food/Exercise Journal. Since I'm dieting and working on getting healthy, this journal is perfect for me. I can keep up with everything I put in my mouth... That is very TELLING... ha... AND--I wear a pedometer and keep up with my steps each day...

    I find that writing things down always helps us with remembering.....


  3. Stephen - We were so sure that Dave was in the first truck that all of our attention was on it. We didn't see Dave until he was almost past us. He probably waved, but we looked too late to see it. The last line was just my poor attempt at humor. I'm sorry if it made Dave look bad.

    Betsy - I've been an off-and-on Weight Watcher for years, and I do know the benefits of tracking what you eat. It's so easy to lie to ourselves if we're not writing things down. Keep up the good work.

  4. Laughed good at this.I had a friend visit and he didn't see me waving his hat at him worrying more at getting lost in the new town he was in.Drove right by me never looking my direction.I gave it back the next time I saw him, the next year when he returned back to the country.

  5. Steve - I'm glad you saw the humor in the story and could relate it to your own experience with your friend. Thanks for sharing that.

    Theresa - Glad the story gave you a chuckle.

  6. This makes for a good story. That guy must have wondered who these friendly people were.

  7. Ruth - We had a good laugh as we wondered what that guy in the first truck must have thought. :)

  8. The guy in the first truck was probably searching the far corners of his brain wondering where he knew you from. :) Journaling I know is an excellent idea. I wimp out though, and just call my blog my journal! Lol. I know there's a vast difference though. Maybe one of these days?

  9. Elizabeth - Maybe we did a public service...keeping that driver awake all day as he tried to figure out how he knew us. :)

    Journaling on the computer is very easy. If nothing else, you can just copy your e-mails into a journal. I've done that when I've forgotten to journal until later. I've often regretted not starting the habit earlier.

  10. Too funny. I have to wonder who that first friendly driver thought you were. ;)

  11. Hilary - He's probably still wondering. :)

  12. That's so funny! I wonder if he's still driving a truck?

    Keeping a journal is a great idea. I consider my blogs as journals but I should really do another one that's just for me...things I don't blog about. You've got me thinking!

  13. Cheryl - I don't know about the other guy, but Dave is now driving for a shuttle company that takes folks from his city to a major airport hub a couple of hours away.

    I use a journal program called Daily Journal. Unfortunately, they don't make it anymore. But there must be something similar out there. If nothing else, a word processor would get the job done.

  14. I love it!
    Kind of reminds me of when we were kids on a long trip and would act crazy and wave at all the people as we passed them. Kids probably don't do that anymore since they're too busy with their cell phones, I-Pods and all the other electronic gadgits. Poor kids simply don't know how to have REAL FUN :)

  15. Diane - Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. It does have some similarity to our childhoods. Kids today just don't know what they're missing. :)

  16. II've never heard this really funny story before. I can't believe you haven't told me EVERY story you have! :)

  17. Sandra - The story probably didn't seem significant at the time it occurred; but, when I saw it in my journal recently, it made me smile. I'm glad it had the same effect on you.


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