Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 9: From Hope, BC to 100 Mile House, BC

On August 16, 2007, Day 9 of the road trip to Alaska, we headed north from Hope, BC on Trans Canada Highway 1, toward Cache Creek. The scenery was magnificent, as the road followed the Fraser River Canyon.

100_0127-Canadian Natl and Canadian Pacific Railways Crossing Fraser River
The Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways Crossing the Fraser River

100_0132-Thompson River-BC
Thompson River Canyon, British Columbia

100_0133-Thompson River-BC
Train traveling beside the Thompson River, British Columbia

After reaching Cache Creek, we decided to go awhile longer, following Highway 97. By the time we reached 100 Mile House, a city of about two thousand, we were ready to call it a day. Doug suggested that we get a room in a Super 8 for the night.

After we checked into the hotel and were on our way to a restaurant for supper, we saw our chatty neighbors from the RV Park in Hope, BC...the ones that like Nascar but not Jeff Gordon. Their RV had broken down, and they were sitting beside it in front of a Ford dealership. Fortunately, they were within striking distance of their destination and were waiting for a family member to come and pick them up.

It had been a hot day, and the air conditioning was out of order in the restaurant where we went for supper. That wasn't fun.

Later, we went to a local laundromat, making use of those loonies and toonies and that two dollar cup of detergent, sold to us on our first night in Canada by the price-gouging campground manager at the Riviera Campground in Grand Forks, BC. When we came out of the laundromat, the temperature had dropped considerably. Doug actually thought it was cool enough for a jacket. I was just grateful for the absence of the heat.


  1. Life on the road! I just keep thinking, 9 days and you're not even to your destination! That is quite a trip! Can't wait to hear about Alaska.

  2. Well, Elizabeth, Harvey wasn't the fastest vehicle we've ever owned. He had a little trouble with the hills, and there were a lot of them. So the drive probably took us about twice as long as it needed to. We were on the road TO Alaska longer than we were IN Alaska. :)

  3. That looks like a place I just HAVE to visit... What a gorgeous area!!!! Love it.


  4. Betsy - You'd love it, I'm sure. Even if you never make it that far into British Columbia, you should try to visit the Canadian National Parks of Banff and Jasper. If you ever go to our Glacier National Park, you could include a trip to the other two. It would be worth your while. :)


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