Sunday, August 07, 2011

Harvey...the Tour

I thought you might enjoy seeing Harvey on the inside today.

100_0042-Harvey the RV
As you step inside, the kitchen area is on your left. There's a countertop area where the stove should have been and, below that, a large storage space where the oven should have been. Next to that is a double stainless steel sink. Above the counter and sink is a cupboard and the microwave.

In the above picture, you can see the kitchen area and a little bit of the refrigerator on the left. The bathroom is behind the door on the right. The door you just came in is between the refrigerator and the kitchen counter.

The bathroom is straight ahead, as you enter the coach, and includes a shower stall, toilet, sink, and medicine cabinet.

Turn to the right, with your back to the kitchen sink, and you see the sofa on the left, the dinette on the right, and on up to the driver and passenger seats and the bunk above them.


Above, you can see the sofa folded down into a bed and the dinette also converted into a bed.

The picture above is looking back toward the kitchen and gives another view of the couch and dinette. There is a small closet at the end of the couch, with drawers underneath. There is also storage under the dinette seats and along the top, above the dinette, the couch, and the refrigerator.

Above, you can see the CB radio we added, as well as the leather seats we found to replace the original seats. Those seats were such a blessing! They were so much nicer than the originals.

This next one isn't of the interior, but I just had to include it so that you could see the difference that the paint job made on the front of the extension over the cab.

The photo above shows a storage tube that the previous owner had added to the bumper. It allowed us a place to store our canvas folding chairs.

We opted not to use the over-the-cab bunk for sleeping. Doug slept on the dinette, and I slept on the sofa. The bunk came in very handy for storing our bedding and our heavy jackets, etc.

There was a curtain that could be pulled to separate the kitchen from the rest of the coach, creating a little dressing room outside the bathroom. There was also a curtain that could be pulled to separate the over-the-cab bunk from the rest of the coach.

Harvey was also equipped with a generator, a furnace, and an air conditioner, in addition to the regular heat and air in the driver's compartment.

So now you have a pretty good idea of our living conditions as we embarked on our long-awaited trip to Alaska.


  1. Oh wow!!! That is adventurous. Looks like a great little camper. I love the name. I heard it's good luck to name your vehicle. :) (And I wondered about the elk too! I've never seen one before so I was a little unsure, but they could very well be elk!)

  2. Looks very cozy. I hope ole Harvey did great on your Alaska trip... Can't wait to hear more.
    P.S. I'd have to lose some weight if I tried to sit on that potty... ha ha

  3. Harvey looks like a very nifty camper, indeed. I'm guessing you had a great trip.

  4. Well I am bit jealeous. I hope you have a great time. We will expect pictures. I prefer great mountain scenes and wild life. A couple of you and Hubby will also be good.
    Take your fishing pole (fly pole prefered) I have heard the fishing it pretty good in Alaska.
    And remember do not feed the bears. :-)

  5. That looks very comfortable.This kind of travel would be enjoyable.

  6. Elizabeth - It WAS a pretty adventurous thing for us to do. As for naming vehicles, it's just something we do, usually without too much thought, as in the case of Harvey. Our minivan is Red Rider, and our compact car is LC (Little Car). Hope you're right about that "luck" thing.

    Betsy - Doug and I have differing opinions on how well Harvey did...mine from the inside and his from the outside. More to come.

    Hilary - The greatness of the trip depends on who you ask. I thought it was a blast. Doug...not so much. :)

    GQ - I should have been clearer about the dates of the Alaska trip. It was actually back in 2007...but I wasn't blogging then. :) I'll be posting more about it in the coming weeks, including photos. Unfortunately, though, neither Doug nor I are fishermen. We need to hang around someone like you for awhile to see if we can pick it up.

    Ruth - It really WAS a unique experience. I could get used to it, but an updated motorhome would make it more pleasant for the guy who has to drive it and do the hookups. :)

  7. What a fun toy. The close quarters can be a bit tough.

  8. Steve - A nifty toy, indeed. And we did have our moments in those close quarters. :)

  9. So spacious! I've always wanted to look inside one, looking forward to hearing more about your trips :o)

  10. Deborah - It was fairly "spacious" considering that the total length was only 20 feet from bumper to bumper. It was perfect for the two of us, but I wouldn't have wanted to try to sleep the six that it was advertised to sleep. :)

  11. This looks adorable...although I know "adorable" isn't always handy to live in! LOL Can't wait to hear more!

  12. Deb - It really was a cozy little outfit. We had our problems with it, but it just made me long for a more modern version of the same thing.


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