Tuesday, November 22, 2016

White-tailed Buck and Station 66

On November 10, Doug and I visited Doug's brother, Dennis, in Battle Creek, Michigan. After a meal in a restaurant, the three of us were taking a drive around the area when "eagle-eye" Doug spotted this beautiful white-tailed buck just emerging from the woods. I hurriedly pulled my camera from its case and snapped two quick shots before the deer vanished back into the woods again.

20161122_White-tailed Buck and Station 66


A favorite stopping place for Dennis is Station 66, located in a rural area outside of Battle Creek. They have lots of goodies there, but the thing that drew us on this day was ice cream.


And it was worth the stop!


  1. It looks like a great time, Linda, and the deer is gorgeous!

  2. An excellent shot, you have to move quick. They are slower this time of year while in rut season,since a few ladies could have been nearby.I laughed feeling cold the other night, but not too cold to eat ice cream. Had to put a blanket on. MMMM

  3. That buck is a beauty.You got some great shots of him.

  4. You really lucked out on the buck shot. Good you had your camera nearby. I love those little places like you show us. During our recent trip we had to stop all the time to peek inside places like those :D
    And I'm sure the ice cream was very delicious!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Love the deer shots, Linda. What is it with men that they are most often the first to spot deer? Goodman has the same eye for them. And I could go for some ice cream, too.

  6. Linda - Thank you. My photos don't do that deer justice. He was very beautiful.

    Steve - It's never too cold to eat ice cream!

    Thank you, Margaret.

    Thanks, Ruth. He was fairly cooperative in that he didn't scurry off before I got my camera out. :)

    Mersad - I was kicking myself for not having the camera out of the bag. You just never know when a photo opportunity is going to present itself. The ice cream was very good. And your comment has made me think of another of those places that I've been meaning to share here. Soon.

    Toni - Doug has excellent distance vision. He often spots and identifies things long before I can even make them out. Goodman must be the same way.

    Thank you, Betty. And thanks for stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

  7. White tailed buck is so beautiful..

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  8. Linda, I can't believe I haven't commented on this post yet but putting words together in one's mind obviously doesn't equal to putting them on paper. :) I admire your readiness at grabbing your camera and shooting, it always takes me ages.The deer looks wonderful.

  9. You were busy with your blog transition, Petra; so I totally understand about the delayed commenting. I should have had the camera out of the bag and on my lap, ready to shoot. Fortunately, the deer gave me enough time to grab it out of the bag and get off these shots. It didn't allow me any time to fiddle with settings, though.


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