Friday, November 29, 2013

Yellowstone: Midway Geyser Basin

We're not through with September 20th yet. After our visit to Old Faithful and our hike to Mystic Falls, we drove the short distance to Midway Geyser Basin.

Footbridge over the Firehole River to Midway Geyser Basin

Can you see how the Firehole River got its name?

Excelsior Geyser Crater in Midway Geyser Basin
Once the largest geyser in the world, with eruptions up to 300 feet,  Excelsior is now a productive thermal spring, presently discharging 4050 gallons per minute. Numerous vents boil and churn the water within the crater, covering it in a dense layer of steam.

The main feature in Midway Geyser Basin is the Grand Prismatic Spring, which is the largest hot spring in the United States. It measures approximately 370 feet in diameter and is over 121 feet deep, with a water temperature of 147-188 degrees Fahrenheit. Its steam produces a blue haze that rises several feet above the water. The brightly colored algae surrounding the pool gives the impression of a giant prism.
These next three photographs are of Grand Prismatic Spring:



The views from the boardwalk just can't give the full effect of Grand Prismatic Spring. There is a footpath up the hill on the back side of the spring that allows a view of it from above. We just didn't have the energy to tackle that steep path at the time we were there. Maybe next time.

Another thermal feature in Midway Geyser Basin

Turquoise Pool in Midway Geyser Basin

More to come from this day in Yellowstone on the next post.


  1. Linda, your photos are gorgeous! I feel as though I took this walk myself! I love the feel and look in these captures...magical!

  2. Your photos for today are WOW, Linda!

  3. a hot spring sounds really good right now. it's 27 this morning, again. :)

  4. very beautiful, imagine there s a bit of snow by now

  5. Beautiful images of a beautiful area. I've never heard of this place, so it's nice to learn about unique areas of the country that I might never get to visit. The footbridge shot and the second one showing the steam are really pretty!! The others showing the color of the water and deep green trees are awesome, too.

  6. Amazing sights. All that pressure under the ground seems a little unsettling at times,but the beauty is unreal.

  7. So stunning. It's just so amazing how diverse and beautiful this earth can be when she displays her finery. Lovely shots, my friend.

  8. I wouldn't want to be around when the massive volcano beneath all of this thermal activity erupts. but for now it sure is pretty. Thanks for sharing your photographs with us. Take care.

  9. Another of our favorite places, Linda… So gorgeous!!!! You are right. One needs to see it in person for sure in order to get the full picture…. Love it!!!

    Hope you two had a nice Thanksgiving.

  10. Absolutely beautiful! You are causing me to want to save up for a trip WEST, my friend! :)

  11. Yellowstone Park is an amazing place to visit. You did a nice job with your photos.

  12. enjoyable views. one my favorite places.
    happy weekend to you!! ( :

  13. I love the colors of the basin and spring. And the footbridge looks so nice in the picture. Thank you for sharing....I don't have to go there now, I feel like I did through your photos. :)

  14. Beautiful photography indeed.

    My hubby and I watched Oasis T.V program like this when it announces volano's and all pictures similar to you showing. . Pretty amazing to see .


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