Thursday, August 22, 2013

Computer Problems and More Photos from Ouabache

I'm a little behind with posting, partly because of my frustrations with Microsoft Outlook. On Monday, this error message popped up:

"The file C:\Users\...Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, and then permanently delete them by pressing SHIFT+DELETE. You could also consider using the new Outlook Personal Folders file (.pst) introduced with Outlook 2003 that provides greater capacity for storing items and folders."

Most of my time since then has been spent trying to resolve the problem. I'm unable to delete anything in the program, and I can't send or receive emails with it. Of course, I can access my emails at my online account, but all my address book, calendar, and saved emails reside in my Outlook account on my hard drive.

Wednesday, I engaged in an online chat with a technical support representative from Microsoft. I don't think he'd ever heard of this issue before. He even suggested that I contact my email provider to see if they could help with my software issue. Then he told me that he could fix it for a fee...$99 minimum, or $149 for a year's worth of technical support.

I've created a new Outlook account, so I'm back in business with sending and receiving emails; but it looks as if I'm going to have to recreate my address book and calendar. And there are those few emails that arrived just before the error message was received that are going to be difficult to answer.
Ah, well...that's life in the computer age, isn't it?

Well, let's look at some photos to get our minds off such things. Here are a few more photos taken at Ouabache State Park earlier this month.

Queen Anne's Lace, only partially in bloom, looking very delicate and lacy.

Pearl Crescent Butterfly, a smallish butterfly, partially hidden by grass.

I think this is a young Eastern Bluebird, but I won't swear to it.

I shot this photo of the crescent moon on August 8, after returning home from an afternoon at Ouabache.

Looking at these photos again restores a little peace to my somewhat frazzled spirit.


  1. they are sweet and peaceful. i love those little pearl crescents - so tiny and bright!

    so sorry to hear of your outlook woes! yeah, i'd let you fix it for $99, you bum! eek!

  2. Very nice and pretty.

    My outlook was off for two days too. I am disliking it more and more .

    What is up with outlook.

  3. Your pictures have managed to calm MY frazzled spirit. Thanks.

  4. Lovely photos but, I think the most beautiful blackbird!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your problem with Outlook. Since we're a 'Mac' family I can't offer any suggestions. It's a shame you have to manually recreate your address book and calendar. Your photos are beautiful. I really like your moon shot.

  6. WELL--you know what I'll say: Get a MAC.... Even if we had trouble with our mail program, we'd never have to manually recreate our address book or calendar. They also keep those programs in the 'cloud' for us---if we need to get to them from another computer. Mac's are so so so so neat!!!!! (Sorry, Linda! ha)

    Don't think that is a little Bluebird in your photo. They don't have dark heads like that... Not sure what it is though...

    Good Luck getting Outlook fixed.

  7. I would agree with Betsy,on the choice of computer.The pictures are lovely as usual.

  8. I am really sorry to hear about your problems with Outlook, Linda. I don't use Outlook or Explorer (which I call ExploDer). :( Your photos are lovely!

  9. Hate it when they don't work well.You should not save much on Outlook

  10. sorry 2 hear of ur computer issues. hope it improve soon. i love the blooms. ( :

  11. I am so behind on anything technical. I dread the day my sweet computer Betsy wears out. Like life I like simplicity even though sometimes simplicity is added work. Your queen Anne's lace photo is so pretty. I can see why is is called Lace. Your moon photo is have a good photographic touch.

  12. I'm with your Mac people, of course but I have always despised Outlook.

    Have you actually created the folders to store them on your computer and they still give you gried.. or is that what's stumping you?

    Your photos are soothing and lovely.

  13. I love the moon and its details, Linda, it really fascinates me how close it looks.


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