Thursday, August 29, 2013

An Update, a Rose, and a Video

I'm overdue in giving you an update on my Outlook problems. The old Outlook file was not able to be salvaged, at least without spending the money that Microsoft wanted for repairing it. So I just created a new Outlook account and a new .pst file to go with it. Everything is working fine now. There was no change to my email address. The only downside was that all data that had been saved in the old file was lost. Only time will tell how significant that loss will turn out to be.
Thanks to all of you who offered tips and support. You're the best!

Here's a rose for you:

I need to confess that I had nothing to do with this photograph. My friend, Pat, took the picture of this Double Delight rose, given to her by a friend who grew it. Pat very creatively placed the rose in front of her darkened television screen to achieve the black background. Isn't it just a beautiful rose? And Pat says its fragrance is "out of this world."

In closing, I thought I'd just share a cute video clip showing how pets, especially cats, like to try to fit themselves into small spaces. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. Hi Linda, firstly, I am glad that you got the issues with Outlook sorted out...and hope that you have no long lasting bad effects. That is a lovely flower that your friend Pat took a photo of! I really enjoyed the video, a beautiful and sweet way to end my day. Thank you so much for the update, the flower and the video.

  2. Hi Linda That Rose is beautiful against the black TV. How that is a good hint, I never thought of that. I loved the video. I never knew cats liked to get into small places. Thats one smart cat at the end!!

  3. the rose is gorgeous - and she is smart to put it in front of the tv screen. :)

    loved the video. thanks for the smiles this morning. SOOO cute.

  4. That Rose photo is just superb. And I laughed so hard at that video. How cute are those kitties and puppies??? LOVED it, and thanks for sharing it. I sent it on to my daughter and son-in-law in Alaska. they have 4 kitties. They'll love the video.

  5. I saw that sweet video yesterday.. Sent it to my friend Mildred who loves cats... So cute.

    Double Delight is one of our favorite roses.... So beautiful!

    Glad you got a new account--but sorry you lost everything on the old one... Scary. I'd hate to lose the emails I have stored on my mail program...


  6. I'm glad you have Outlook behaving itself now, but it's too bad about the lost emails you had saved. Pat did a great job photographing the rose. I also enjoyed the video.

  7. Thanks for the adorable video. I really brightened my morning.

  8. I had to laugh while watching the video, Linda. Some sequences are gorgeous and stuck to my mind. :)

    Pat had a good idea to place the rose in front of the black screen, it highlighted it beautifully. Once I read about this tip in a book on photography, they just recommended a black or white paper put behind a flower, as appropriate.

    It's great that you found a solution to your problem and can use your e-mail again. I save e-mails that I want to keep separately, out of Outlook, looks like a good option now.

  9. Cute video. I love that rose,of course I love all roses.

  10. Thanks for sharing my rose picture, Linda. And I loved the cat/dog video! Pat

  11. The rose photo is beautiful......and so pleased to hearthat your computer issue is solved. L_O_V_E_D the video....sadly the curiosity of tight places is what ends the life of many cats. They get in places they can not get out of. :( Have a nice relaxing L.D. weekend.

  12. The orse photo is beautiful, Linda!

  13. Oh the rose is lovely. It just pops out of your page with its own black background and your page background.

    How I adore cats. They never fail to find a way to make themselves smaller. Watching the pups try the same is a hoot.


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