Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Spring officially arrived on March 20. This is what our backyard looked like yesterday...

The crab apple tree, with a couple of robins looking for any of last year's fruit that might remain.



The snow is all but gone today, and the rest of the week is promising more springlike weather.


  1. sure is pretty. glad it didn't last too long for you, though. i'm sure you're ready for spring.

  2. It's disappointing when spring doesn't behave but it must be awfully perplexing for the birds. Still, it makes for some pretty pictures. And I like what you've done with your blog.

  3. It does look nice but would be better in early winter.Those poor Robins must be confused about the weather.

  4. HA HA ---no spring here either.... We have had snow for about 3 days now... Hopefully it is gone now... I want to see some sunshine and some warmer air.... Where is Spring????? I want some of it!!!!!!

    Great snow pictures though.

  5. Linda, I love the header photo of your blog and the bible verse. If I've already said that, just ignore me. My memory is not what it used to be. Sigh.

    Sorry spring is not cooperating, but the photos are very beautiful. Snow is such a novelty in our area that whenever I see snow shots I am always in awe of the beauty. Today we woke up to 29F! Very rare for us this late in the year. Glad to hear springlike conditions are in the immediate future for both of us. Have a great day!

  6. We've had the same type of Spring weather, although you got more snow than we did. At least the sun is shining here today, although it is still very cold.

  7. Theresa - It's been a relatively mild winter, so I can't complain. But this was one of the snowiest Marches on record. We just don't expect it this late in the season. One good thing about spring snows, though...they don't stay around long.

    Hilary - Yes, the birds are definitely in their spring mindset, chirping and singing their little hearts out...even in the snow. Still, they must have wondered if their internal calendars needed adjustment.

    Ruth - We've seen the robins off and on all winter this year. So maybe the snow wasn't as disconcerting for them as we would think.

    Betsy - It's warmed up some by now, and the snow is fading fast. Spring is breathing down our necks.

    Gail - Thank you. I'll never ignore a compliment, no matter how often you repeat it. :) Your morning temperature sounds very much like ours. But I have a feeling your afternoon temperature was significantly warmer.

    George - We got about four inches, but it isn't lasting long. It was pretty when it came down, though. The temperature reached the forties today, and the sun shone. Spring is in the air.

  8. Hi, Linda,

    The ice is beautiful and quite picturesque
    in your backyard. The sunshine has been nice the last
    couple of days and tonight feels a little balmy.

    Can't wait until the crocuses bloom.

    1. Hi, KD! Wow! You did it! Thanks for going to the trouble. It HAS been beautiful, hasn't it? But, you're will be nice to see some of those perky little crocuses.


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