Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some of the Photos from the Box

Hi! Remember me? I want to apologize to anyone who has noticed my absence from blogging recently. I'd been trying very hard to be consistent about my posting over the last several months. Then I came down with a cold a couple of weeks ago and lost my momentum. The cold is all but gone by now, but I've still had a hard time getting back into regular posting.
When Doug and his siblings sat down to go through the box of old family photos mentioned in my last post, Doug really didn't want any of the pictures for himself. He was content to let his brother and sister take what they wanted. But, out of their rejects, I salvaged a few photographs of my sweet hubby as a child.

At first, I thought this was a picture of Doug in a washtub; but, on closer inspection, it looks like he's in a laundry basket.

Doug and his dad

Doug, Linda, and Dennis

Doug with new puppy, Pal. Doug still remembers Pal as the best dog a boy ever had.

Doug's dad was a baseball player who nearly made it to the pros, so it was natural for Doug to take up the sport himself.

A neighbor girl, Doug's sister Linda, and Doug with their dog.

This is a picture of Doug's brother, Dennis (on the right, with his arms around his dog, King), and a couple of Dennis' friends.

Doug's senior picture from high school.

I have no idea who these people are, but I just thought that little scooter was so sweet.


  1. These are fun! And Doug looks like Dennis the Menace .. all that's missing is the cowlick.

    I was watching TV when I made up my mind to drop you a line because you haven't blogged in a while. I sat down and smiled to see that you had this post.

    I hope you broke your slump with this one and that you continue to feel much better.

  2. Great old photos, Linda. I cannot believe that Doug didn't want many... I would want them ALL--since I'm so much into Genealogy. Glad he/you have some though... What a cute little guy he was... I love the Senior picture from high school. What a fabulous photo.

    Thanks for sharing. Glad you are feeling better. Sometimes when I take a blogging break, it's hard to get going again...


  3. loved these! such a different, innocent time! we had a wooden laundry basket just like that one when i grew up. loved the photo of the 3 siblings together - angels...

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better. These old pictures are wonderful -- thanks for sharing them. I wonder what our grandchildren will see of our lives now that everything is digital?

  5. Very fun to share.Sorry to hear you have been down with a cold.

  6. Linda, these are so wonderful! What a great find. Bet it made Doug all nostalgic. He sure was a handsome fella. My favorites are the posed sibling photo and the one of Doug seemingly pushing his dad away in the second photo. All are great (and well-preserved) photos!

  7. Forgot to add that I am so glad you are feeling better!

  8. Hilary - Doug is a little Dennis the Menace, cowlick or no. :) Thanks for your concern, my friend. With my cold, I just lost all energy to do anything. Then, the longer I went without posting, the harder it was to get back at it. I plan to get back to a two- or three-times a week schedule, though.

    Betsy - Instead of recalling pleasant memories, the pictures seemed to have the opposite effect on Doug. He was more than happy to let his brother and sister take all they wanted from that box.

    Theresa - We had one of those laundry baskets, too. Brings back memories, doesn't it?

    Thanks, George. It seems as if those who come after us are more likely to have access to our pictures because of the digital age. It makes organizing, identifying, preserving, and copying easier.

    Thank you, Steve. I'm better. I think I'll live. :)

    Gail - Doug prefers the present to the past. Some of his childhood memories are best left in the past. Thus, his willingness to let his brother and sister have the whole box full of photos. But I just had to save these few.

  9. The senior picture is a charming portrait. :)

    There is magic in old photographs, Linda, isn't there? When my father died, I gathered all photos I found in his flat and keep them, although I don't know half of the people in them.

    It's great that you feel better now. Once I read that it's not good to apologise when abstaining from blogging for whatever reason and I thought about it a lot. Eventually I made a decision that if it's not for too long, there is really no need to explain, there is no duty to post x-times a week or a month. But I understand why you did and I also understand what you say about the longer the not-posting lasts, the harder to get back to regular routine. Take care!

    1. Petra - I like that one, too. As handsome as he was, I marvel that God was able to keep him single until bringing us together some 25 years later.

      If you can identify any of those old photos from your dad's flat, I hope you'll do it; and digitize as many as you can so future generations will have them.

      I know we don't have to publish often, but it's nice to publish regularly. For some, that may be once a day; for others, once a month. I had set myself a goal of two or three times a week and had been sticking to it quite well for several months. So I felt badly for anyone who may have been making a point of stopping by and finding nothing new.


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