Monday, September 17, 2012


Continuing with the scanned slides from 29+ years ago, here are a few that feature various critters.

Chipmunk at Olin Lake Nature Preserve

Another chipmunk at the nature preserve

My beautiful Doberman, Brandi

As much as I dislike spiders, I still find them fascinating.

This is Hutch. He and his brother, Starsky, were barn cats. Starsky was never interested in visiting me inside my house trailer, but Hutch did come for an occasional visit. In this photo, he's sitting on the steps outside my door.

And this is pretty little Sunada, an Arabian filly (AJ Ramada x Jessica Sunrise)


  1. I never fail to be amazed at the world's diversity, such as that captured in your great pictures.

  2. Lovely pictures , you are getting good usage with your new scanner.

  3. such a range of cuties. don't get to see chippies here, so always love to see them in blogland. the kitty is so sweet. and nothing better than a sweet baby dishface. :)

  4. I think chipmunks are close to being, if not THE cutest creature on the planet. But that little Sunada could give them a run for their money. You've had some lovely four-legged babies through the years, Linda.

  5. From the chipmunk to the filly, these are all wonderful slides! I can't believe they are in such good condition from so long ago. You must be happy to see these photos again.

  6. What a coincidence, Linda. Our younger son wants to have an aquarium at home and we are a bit hesitant about fulfilling his wish. On Saturday we went to a shop where aquarium fish and related equipment are sold to have a look at them. There we were passing by a cage with a little striped animal jumping swiftly from one side of the cage to the other and looking really cute. We were wondering what it was so I went to read a label and there I found out the species - it was a chipmunk. Great to see this interesting animal in its natural habitat! :)

    1. As a rule, Petra, chipmunks are not commonly thought of as pets here. It’s interesting that you saw one in a pet store. They are adorable to watch, but they can be pests. When we find them in our yard, we usually trap them and take them further out in the country for release.

  7. All of your pics Linda are GREAT, but the one of little Sunada reminded me why my sister and I were such horse lovers! What a pretty little filly!!!

  8. Diane, you and your sister couldn't have been any more horse crazy than I was. We would probably have gotten along famously if we'd known each other back then.


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