Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Mini-Vacation And A Couple Of Cute Canines

Doug and I and our friend, Pat, took advantage of another hot and sunny Saturday to return to Ouabache State Park for a repeat of last week's mini-vacation. (By the way, I joined them in climbing the fire tower this time. Piece of cake!)

We set up our chairs in the same spot where we had spent the day last Saturday. After a picnic lunch, we settled down to read and enjoy the peacefulness of the setting.

Last week, we had our little area all to ourselves. This week, the lakeside bench located near us seemed to be an attraction that drew others. One couple that came to spend some time on that bench had their two dogs with them. When the woman walked away for a few minutes, the dogs both took up a watch, waiting anxiously for her return.


The beep made by my digital camera as it focused, caused the little one with the beard to look my way. Nothing was going to distract that other one from his watchfulness, though.


I've never seen a beard like this on a dog before. It rivals those on the faces of some of our Amish neighbors.


  1. it made me think of a Chinese mystic. :)

  2. How cute. Nice job climbing the tower!

  3. LOL! So cute. I wonder if that was a brussels griffon mix? Anyway, I lol'd at your Amish reference. Too funny!

  4. Good for you for climbing the tower. :) Those pooches are adorable. I love the focus in the eyes .. and that funny little beard. Too cute.


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