Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lost Canyon, Wisconsin Dells

I almost forgot to tell you about another fun thing we did while we were at Wisconsin Dells on October 5th. We took the horse-drawn wagon tour through Lost Canyon.

A couple that we met while viewing the cranes had taken this tour and were telling us about it and how much they enjoyed it. I had read about it when researching the area for things to do, and it was on my "possibility" list; but our new friends helped to move it to the "do" list. 

This is where we boarded the 15-passenger wagon for the Lost Canyon Tour.

Slim and Whiskey, the team that took us through the canyon

The canyon was so narrow in places that Whiskey and Slim barely fit.

With a little imagination you can see an eagle in this formation.

Another narrow passage. Blue paint from the wagon was evident on some of the canyon walls.

This fox was making its way along the canyon wall, high above us.

It was so dark in the canyon that these photos are the best I could get of the fox.

This aerial view is from a by Trumble Photography, Wisconsin Dells

Taking this tour through Lost Canyon caused us to miss the boat tour of the Upper Dells that we had planned to take, but that just gives us some incentive to go back for the boat tour on another occasion.


  1. That looks like a great ride and tour.

  2. Slim and Whiskey are beautiful and majestic, and this looks like a beautiful and captivating place, Linda!

  3. Utterly amazing and I loved Slim and Whisley

  4. I love riding in a carriage, what a grand event to be part of.

  5. I had not heard of the Lost Canyon, but it looks like a neat place to visit. I hope you can get back to the Wisconsin Dells to take that boat trip.

  6. Linda, I'm pleased you didn't forget to share this experience, it was interesting to visit the Lost Canyon with you. I love those photos of the fox. I know that their quality may not be as good as you'd like but the fox looks like it was a ghost of a fox which gives a special atmosphere to the captures. :)

    By the way, I liked the distinction between the "possibility" list and "do" list, we sometimes assign numbers like one, two and three to our planned trip destinations based on their attraction for us.

  7. Ruth - It was indeed a fun tour. It was quite challenging to take photos, though, with the canyon being so narrow and the walls so high and the motion of the wagon overpowering my camera's image stabilization. :)

    Linda - Slim and Whiskey made a great team...very calm and patient going through those narrow passages.

    Thanks, Margaret. It was pretty amazing to see Slim and Whiskey winding their way through the narrow canyon.

    Steve - I think you'd have enjoyed this tour. If you're ever in the area, you should do this.

    George - I hope we can get back there, too, someday. That boat tour looked really interesting, but the weather wasn't really good for an open-air boat ride when we were there. Of course, they did have inside seating, but we would have preferred to be on top, out in the open. But it was cold and dreary when we were there. That weather was more suitable for the Lost Canyon tour.

    Thanks, Tex. Wisconsin is a beautiful least the parts we saw.

    Petra - Thanks for mentioning the fox. Getting those shots was very challenging. I was grateful for even these ghost-like images. When going to a new place, I try to find options for activities that I think we would both enjoy. Then we make the final decisions when we get there and see what fits into our schedule best. And, as in this case, the weather plays a part in our decisions, too.


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