Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Scenic Drive into Canyonlands National Park

Our drive from Provo, Utah on September 23, brought us ultimately to Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky district, near Moab, Utah.
Canyonlands consists of three separate districts: Island in the Sky, the Needles, and the Maze. The Maze is very remote and accessible primarily by hiking. We didn't venture into that area.

Much of the Needles district is also accessible only by hiking, although a fair amount can be traveled by automobile. On this day, we were exploring the Island in the Sky district, but we did visit the Needles on another day.
The photos in this post were all taken along the entrance road to Island in the Sky.


It's almost impossible to see the rock climbers in the above photo...

... But here's a little closer look. Can you see them? It doesn't look like fun to me.

I believe this is part of what's known as Seven-Mile Canyon.

Monitor and Merrimac Buttes, named after the two famous Civil War ships

This is just a sampling of the beauty of the drive along Utah Highway 313, leading to the Visitor Center at Canyonlands, Island in the Sky. Passing all this beauty on the way to the entrance of the national park just built our anticipation for what we might see in the national park itself. I hope it's having the same effect on you. More to come.


  1. I enjoyed seeing these beautiful photos, Linda, and I'm happy just to look at rock formations, of course. I don't get climbing them - no wonder they call it repelling, haha. ;)

  2. Lovely shots, I could see the climbers after seeing the closeup

  3. The buttes are amazing . I am always in awe of how the country changes when driving across America, or any country for that matter . Nature always has me in awe.

  4. What a beautiful place to visit! Rock climbing isn't for me, but some folks really seem to enjoy it. Thank you for this visit you took me on.

  5. the buttes really do look like warships if you stop and imagine a little. that 7-mile canyon shot is gorgeous, too. i'm not a thrill seeker, so i dare say, i'd not be hanging off that rock face. :)

  6. We didn't make it to Canyonlands when we were in Utah. We're definitely going to have to get back there.

  7. Ahhh--gorgeous! I will put the Canyonlands on our list… Love it and you were there on a beautiful day. Love that BLUE sky.

    Love your header also.

  8. I would have stayed away from the Maze, too! I get lost so easily; in fact, it happened recently at a nature area. Siri had to get us out! Anyway, the countryside you saw is absolutely beautiful. Those buttes do look like ships--wow! And those itty bitty climbers really help show the size of those rocks. Eeek!!

  9. I've yet to visit this part of the country. It does look magnificent.

  10. This is another beautiful part of our world.

  11. There's just so many incredibly beautiful and diverse landscapes to be seen. And it seems that you and Doug are around to see so many of them.. and kindly sharing them. I couldn't rock climb for anything but I sure do admire those who do.

  12. i love that you got a dude climbing. that is too fun! i am so amazing by them & their strength. we really enjoyed our trip to Canyonlands. looks like you all did as well.

    happy week for you!! ( :

  13. Hi Linda! When I saw those guys rappelling down the side of those rocks, all I could think of was : AHHHHHHH!!! I would be so scared! But it makes a great photo, that's for sure :)

  14. Wow...I can feel the warmth bouncing off those rocks...and rock climbers are could not pay me to do it even if I could....

  15. Gorgeous captures, Linda. What breathtaking scenery!

  16. Breathtaking scenery. That's why I nominated you for the Blog Of The Year award on my blog.

  17. That last shot is really good, the way you framed it. Great shots.

    Mersad Donko Photography


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