Sunday, October 02, 2011

Critter Pics

Here are a few images of some of the critters seen recently during our travels.

This trio of turkeys was just strolling down the road in Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.

A Chukar Partridge, spotted at Capitol Reef National Park

Much of the West is open-range country, so cattle may frequently be seen in the road. Judging from the skid marks on the pavement, someone else had a close call.

A rare treat...for me, at least...was the sight of this Golden Eagle.

A Pinyon Jay at Zion National Park

This is a Great Blue Heron, seen during a float trip down the Colorado River in Glen Canyon. The red walls of the canyon are reflected in the water. It's not a great shot, but I loved the colors in the water and the silhouette of the flying bird.

A group of Bighorn Sheep, seen near the end of our river float trip in Glen Canyon.

Grand Canyon Rock Squirrel

Please accept my apologies for the graininess of this image, but the bird was very far away. The detail is not sharp, but I'm pretty sure it's a California Condor. We spotted him soaring in the Grand Canyon.


  1. Oh these are wonderful, you're so lucky to have seen them...and super pictures!

  2. Awesome pictures, Linda.... We saw cattle doing that when we were on a back road in Utah.


  3. Great pics! We saw a condor when we were at Grand Canyon last year. I didn't even have a camera out and ready...bad, bad blogger! Turkey's just make me laugh every time I see them; silliest looking birds!

  4. What a lovely set, I enjoyed them all.The bighorn gave a terrific pose.

  5. I love these pictures. Heron and the red reflection on the water is perfect. I was wondering if the three turkeys were obeying the speed limit. LOL

  6. Deborah - Your comments are always so supportive. Thank you kindly.

    Betsy - That picture WAS taken in Utah. Maybe it's the same group of cattle. :)

    Deb - My shot of the condor was only slightly better than no shot at all, so don't feel too badly about missing your photo op. You're right about the turkeys looking funny. And I don't think they're too bright, either, judging by the pile of feathers in the road near these three.

    Steve - As we were sitting in the raft, pointing to the sheep and saying "Look! Bighorn sheep!" someone commented that it looked as if the sheep were looking at us and saying "Look! People!"

    Ruth - The heron picture looked better in the viewfinder than it did on the computer, but I couldn't resist posting it anyway. The turkeys...well, they might have been a little under the speed limit. :)

  7. Critter pics are my favorite! I kept trying to get a picture of birds soaring through the Canyon, but just couldn't capture them well enough! I think you did a pretty good job with the candor. I know just what you mean...they're always so far!

  8. No need for apologies here, Linda. You've captured some wonderful wildlife images. I love the heron pic, as well. Beautiful colours and that bird is just poetry in motion.

  9. Elizabeth - We were so glad that you told us about that river float trip. It was very enjoyable. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Hilary - Thanks for your always-kind comment. I share your love for the blue heron. I have yet to do them justice in a photo, though. :)


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