Saturday, May 21, 2011

Red-Breasted Mergansers

Doug and I both walked at the reservoir today. He doesn't usually go with me so that was a special treat. Unfortunately, because of all the other people and dogs that were walking today, we didn't see some of the birds that are often there.

We did, however, see a couple of duck-like birds on the water that neither of us recognized. Later, we compared our pictures with those in our bird book and concluded that they were Red-Breasted Mergansers.

If anyone more knowledgeable knows their true identity, please share!






  1. What a fun day. I think bird watching may be a hobby looming in my future... :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Linda.... Love the mergansers.

    We stay away from popular places like that on weekends... It's much less crowded during the week. I think we're going to your favorite place on Monday ---the SMOKIES.


  3. Our feathered friends are so interesting to discover and watch, aren't they? Fine captures and ID skills.

  4. The Mergansers are a unique looking bird,with the 'bad hair' day look.

  5. Elizabeth - I think bird watching gets into your blood. There are some bloggers out there with fantastic bird photos.

    Betsy - Oh, I envy you your visit to the Smokies. The weather doesn't look very promising over the next few days. Often, though, you can find different weather in different parts of the park. Hope you have a wonderful time.

    Hilary - It's amazing to me the number of species of birds we have on this planet. It's always exciting to see one you haven't seen before or see rarely.

    Ruth - They do have that "bad hair day" look, don't they? I saw them again today, but they were too far from shore to get a decent photo.


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