Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Restaurant Faux Pas

Haven't we all done stupid and embarrassing things at restaurants? Come on...haven't we? Don't leave me hanging here. I can't be the only one.

Haven't we all picked up a ketchup bottle and given it a good shake (because nobody likes that watery stuff that comes out first if the bottle isn't properly shaken), only to send the cap (that another party at our table thoughtfully loosened but UNthoughtfully failed to mention) flying over to a neighboring table, surprising that table's occupant and narrowly missing his coffee cup?
I thought so.
My friend, Rich, told me about an incident he had experienced.
He was a widower and so, on occasion, found himself eating alone at a fast food restaurant. On this particular day, he was visiting "the Colonel" for a chicken dinner. He was seated in a booth behind two older ladies that were facing each other. The one with her back to Rich had light yellow, extra fluffy hair.
As I'm sure you realize, chicken can be a tricky thing to eat. As Rich was using his fork to tear his chicken off the bone, a piece of the chicken suddenly broke loose and catapulted directly into the back of the head of the lady whose back was to Rich, landing smack dab in the center of the light yellow, extra fluffy hair.
Not knowing what else to do, Rich continued eating his chicken dinner, hoping that the lady with the chicken in her hair wouldn't realize it. Apparently, she didn't, because she and her friend continued talking and laughing together as they enjoyed their meals.
Rich didn't waste any time finishing his meal and getting out of there. But he said he's often wondered what that lady thought when she got home and found that piece of chicken in her hair.
I just hope she wasn't one of those ladies who get their hair done once a week and don't touch it in between visits to the stylist.


  1. LOl Yes, I think we have all had mishaps while out in public...thankfully we can laugh about them afterwards. Cute story by your friend Rich. I am surprised the lady didn't feel it hit her head! :)

  2. Lori - I don't know. It does seem strange that she didn't feel it. That's why I wondered if she might be one of those who goes once a week to get her hair done...teased and lacquered...and then doesn't touch it for the rest of the week. Or, here's another thought...maybe it was a wig.

  3. She probably found it on her pillow the next morning... "what is that smell?"

    When I was in my teens, I was in a restaurant where they served the cokes with straws in those paper packets. I was in the habit of tearing the end off and sending the rest of the paper shooting off of the straw by blowing into the open end. I aimed for my friend (no, not CA!). She dodged it and it landed on the head of the guy sitting behind her.

    I should have done like your friend Rich and kept eating. I didn't though. I went over and apologized. It had already fallen down by then and the guy had no idea what I was talking about. At least it wasn't food. :)

  4. Oh how funny... That's one of those crazy stories which end up on You Tube these days---kinda like the woman who was texting in a mall, and fell into the water (indoor pond)....


  5. When I first started dating my mom advised me not to order porkchops or pasta, because they were messy.I went to a nice restruant and my date ordered the pork chops with a side of pasta. I wasn't sure if I should tell her what info I had.

  6. What a cute story! I'm surprised the OTHER woman didn't get suspicious -- since I assume she could see Rich's face. He had to have had a look of total horror! Too funny. :)

  7. Hilary - I love your story. It shows that, in spite of your orneriness, you were a good girl at heart. And it was so nice to know you had another friend. :)

    Betsy - Yes, if only someone had been there with a camera phone. :)

    Steve - Ha! I loved your mother's advice and can imagine what you must have been thinking when your date ordered the taboo foods. :)

    Sandra - Rich probably quickly assumed a poker face; so, if the friend happened to be looking elsewhere at the moment the chicken catapulted from Rich's fork, she might have missed his look of horror.

  8. Oh, how funny! And you told it so well!

    Off hand, I can't think of anything horrifying I've done at a restaurant, but I could tell you stories about Fred...he absolutely mortifies me sometimes. Like when he takes his partial dentures out and puts them in his shirt pocket!


  9. Ethelmae - Thank you for the kind words. Fred really does sound as if he might have some of the characteristics of his namesake. Maybe I should ask him for funny stories about you. :)

  10. Oh, that's so funny!! You're right...things like that have happened to all of us. I can't put my finger on my faux pas, just now, but when I do, I'll share it with you. Great post!

  11. I'm glad I could give you a chuckle, Cheryl. And I'll look forward to hearing about your faux pas whenever you can remember one. Thanks for the visit.


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