Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter...Not Always Fun, but Usually Pretty

Just a few snowy photos from our yard on this cold, wintry day.


  1. Oh Linda, I LOVE snow... You captured some gorgeous pictures. Love the one with the snow on the evergreen... Beautiful...

    Stay WARM.

  2. Thanks, Betsy. I confess that I love snow, too. I just wish it didn't have to be so cold for the snow to come. :)

  3. I might have kicked out my first comment. Lovely shots, very well done. It was 47 today but we are looking for a blizzard on the weekend with temps in the teens.

  4. Oh, agreed.. not too much fun (for me) but usually pretty. Your photos are proof of that.

    Oh and even word verification agrees "perti" ;)

  5. Thanks, Steve. It warmed up here, too, after I took the photos. Another hour or so, and there wouldn't have been any snow on the trees. They're forecasting a cold snap for us, too, but not too much snow.

    Hilary-I didn't even realize that I had word verification enabled. How funny that the word you got was "perti." And how fitting that you were the one who got it.

  6. Verrrrry pretty. Timing and opportunity are alot of what pretty photos like these are able, aren't they.

  7. Thanks, Sandy. And you're right about timing and opportunity. A true photographer will get set up and patiently wait for the right timing and opportunity. Me...well, it has to drop into my lap.


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