Thursday, July 02, 2015

On the Way to Gitche Gumee

Last September, during my year-long break from blogging, Doug and I and our friend, Pat, traveled to and through Michigan's Upper Peninsula (UP) to spend a week at Gitche Gumee Bible Camp, located in Eagle River, Michigan, in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan are connected by the Mackinac (pronounced MAK-in-aw) Bridge, a suspension bridge of approximately five miles (8 km) in length.

Entering the Mackinac Bridge

The bridge from a viewing point on the UP side

A look at the fall colors that were beginning to pop out in the UP

Tahquamenon Falls wasn't too far from where we stayed that first night of travel. So we took advantage of the remaining daylight and went to see the falls.

Upper Tahquamenon Falls

Our route the next day took us through the city of Munising, Michigan. We knew there were several sightseeing opportunities in that area, so we stopped at a visitor center for advice on what we could see in the short amount of time we could spare. A ranger there told us about Wagner Falls, which she said was her personal favorite of multiple waterfalls in the vicinity and which was very near.

Wagner Falls

Then we drove a short distance to an overlook with a view of the rock formation called Miner's Castle. It's part of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which is best viewed in the late afternoon, from a boat out on the water.

Miner's Castle

For comparison, I'm including another picture that I took of Miner's Castle back in 2004, from the same overlook, but with late-day lighting. You might also notice that there are two two turrets in the earlier image. One of those turrets broke off in 2006.

HPIM0471-Miners Castle-Pictured Rocks Natl Lakeshore
Miner's Castle in 2004, with two turrets

By the way, for those who may be wondering, Gitche Gumee is a Native American name for Lake Superior and means "Big Water." 

Back with more soon.


  1. Spectacular scenery.I always enjoy fall colors and the waterfalls are beautiful.You captured amazing beauty.

  2. I love the name of the Bible camp, Linda, and I absolutely love the glorious waterfalls and views!

  3. beautiful views. the comparison shot is neat.

  4. Miner's Castle is breathtakingly beautiful as are the landscapes you drove through. Have a great weekend Linda. Looking forward to more.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Wasn't that part of a Walt Whitman poem about Hiawatha? She was from that area maybe. Lovely area to see.

  6. It looks as if you had a beautiful trip -- I really like the waterfalls you visited. I've long wanted to visit the UP, but have not yet made it. Perhaps some day . . .

  7. happy Fourth of July! great photos as usual.

  8. Hi Linda, What does one do with all of the gorgeous photos (like these) when she is NOT blogging???? ha... I've got the same problem since I haven't been blogging much at all lately.. SO many pictures to share.

    What a gorgeous trip you all had. Of course, I love the waterfalls the most... WOW!!!... But--that 'castle' is awesome also.


  9. Oh, wow! Those shots are so amazing. LOVE the fall foliage and winding road shot. Also the falls and Miners Castle area...the water is sensational! What a fun and beautiful trip. Thanks for the pronunciation guides as I had completely butchered those names. Ha!

  10. A five miles long suspension bridge… well that's something, I like both of the angles the photos are taken from. The falls are nice and I love that comparison of those two photographs of the castle. The water is beautifully coloured in that place and the view is simply marvellous.

    I guess I should get into a habit of opening a map and travelling with my finger across it when reading about your travelling, it's so interesting, Linda. :)

  11. Ruth - I felt a little funny about doing a fall post in July, but then there's less competition for good fall photos in July. :)

    Linda - I like the name of the camp, too. It's fun to say.

    Mersad - Thanks for the kind words.

    Tex - I'm glad you liked the comparison shots of Miner's Castle. It just didn't seem right to post the one-turret shot without including the two-turret photo as well.

    Steve - "On the shores of Gitche Gumee" is indeed a line from the poem "Hiawatha," but the poem was written by Longfellow.

    George - I always think of you and Betsy when I visit waterfalls. You'd probably enjoy the UP, but there are just so many places to visit and so little time to do it!

    Thank you, Betty.

    Thanks, Betsy. Just hang onto those photos and post them when you can. There's no time limit on them.

    Gail - Thanks for your always-enthusiastic and encouraging comments.

    Petra - Before that bridge was built, it was an hour's ride by ferry to cross the Straits of Mackinac. My family did it every year as I was growing up, when we would travel to Canada for our annual family vacation. The building of the bridge was an amazing accomplishment. Thanks always for your uplifting comments, my friend.


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