Friday, June 30, 2017

Visiting Dennis

We visited Doug's brother, Dennis, last Saturday. He lives a couple of hours from us, and we go about once a month to spend the afternoon with him. Going out to eat is always a part of those visits. Finding a restaurant that we all enjoy is sometimes a challenge, but we've recently discovered a place we can all agree on: a little truck stop with delicious food and a good variety of menu items.

Arlene's Truck Stop in Augusta, Michigan

Dennis with his western omelet, Doug with his wet burrito, and my chicken bacon ranch wrap

A sign on a wall in the restaurant.
After a very filling meal at Arlene's, we stopped at another place for ice cream. Then we found a little park where we could enjoy a little stroll and some time of conversation on a park bench. The following photos were taken at the John Wilson Park in Athens, Michigan.





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