Monday, May 21, 2018

A Few Spring Photos

Spring, when it came, was short lived. Still, it didn't fail to bring its beauty.

On April 30, we spent a few hours at Ouabache State Park. The trees hadn't leafed out yet, but that made it easier to spot and photograph these little yellow birds.

Collage_HD 2018-05-21 21_25_42

Duck in Flight

Sycamore Tree

Purple Violets

We loved the red of these buds against the blue sky.

Ten days later, our crabapple tree was in full bloom. Several days after that, our azalea bush was putting on a show for us. The following collage provides a look at spring at our home.

Collage_HD 2018-05-21 21_11_50

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Smokies in April, 2018

Doug and I spent a few days in the Smokies the first week of April. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a favorite getaway for us, only a day's drive away, very scenic, and most relaxing. 

There was virtually no sign of spring in the trees and shrubs except that the redbuds were out in their glory, and the dogwoods were just beginning to bloom. The lack of any green elsewhere, really made the redbuds stand out.

201804 Smokies
Redbud Trees at Oconaluftee

Collage_HD 2018-05-01 21_16_27
River Walk at Oconaluftee

Collage_HD 2018-05-01 21_18_58
Golden Hour Back Roads Tour

Collage_HD 2018-05-01 21_21_36
On Thunderhead Prong Trail

Bridge on Thunderhead Prong Trail

Thunderhead Prong Trail

Douglas Dam

Collage_HD 2018-05-01 21_29_17
On Noland Creek Trail

Collage_HD 2018-05-01 21_37_32
Noland Creek Trail Plus View of Fontana Lake from Road to Nowhere

Mama Bear (upper right) and Two Cubs (center and lower left)

Another Bear, Same Day, Different Location

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