Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Gitche Gumee Bible Camp

Our week at Gitche Gumee Bible Camp last September included lots of good Bible teaching as well as food, fellowship, and fun.

This picture shows the back of the cabin where our friend, Pat, stayed.

The Dining Room, where delicious food was served for every meal

Arapaho Cabin, where Doug and I stayed

A short walk through the woods led to the shore of Lake Superior

Lake Superior Shoreline

Our friend, Pat, took this picture of Doug and me at the lakeshore.

This is another of Pat's Pictures...two photographers at work.

I'll share some highlights of the week in the next post.


  1. love the last one. :) great place to go to 'camp!'

  2. Linda, I love the cabin that you and Doug has, and the dining room looks so warm and welcoming! What a beautiful place for a Bible camp! :)

  3. Great combination, Bible teaching in beautiful surroundings, good food, fun and fellowship. what more can a girl ask for.

  4. That lake is gorgeous, almost like being at the ocean. Love retreats like this.

  5. Linda, the lake looks vast and charming and the autumnal colours and light make it pleasantly moody...
    and the Arapaho Cabin where you stayed looks great from the outside, perfectly fitting into the surroundings. That place looks so nice, you must have enjoyed your stay there.

  6. Those bible get to-gethers are great. You get to have a neat fellowships.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tex - That last shot was a great capture by Pat. Doug was shooting video of a ship out on the water. I think I was shooting the Gitche Gumee sign in the opposite direction.

    Linda - Our cabin and the dining room were both very comfortable. It was pretty noisy in the dining room, but the food was wonderful. Most of the workers are volunteers, but they do a great job.

    You're right, Margaret. It's a great combination!

    Steve - The Great Lakes are so vast that it is indeed very much like being on the ocean.

    Petra - It was early evening when we visited the beach, so we did benefit from that late-day sunlight. The cabin was very nice. It was a good week.

    Carolann - You're right about the benefits of this kind of get-away. Thanks for stopping by.


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