Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gitchee Gumee Bible Camp...Some Highlights

During our week at Gitche Gumee Bible Camp last September, the camp offered a different afternoon activity each day. One was a hayride, which took guests to places of interest in the local community. Unfortunately, the only decent pictures I have of the tractor, wagon, and people were taken by a volunteer at the camp; and I didn't obtain his permission to use them here. 

But I do have a couple of photos from The Eagle River Museum, which was one of the stops on the hayride:

Eagle River Museum (Photo credit to our friend, Pat)
Inside the Eagle River Museum was this Emerson Piano, manufactured at the William P. Emerson Piano Factory in Boston and believed to have been shipped to Eagle River in 1853, for placement in the Phoenix Hotel which was built in that year. The piano was rescued from the fire which destroyed the hotel in 1912.

Emerson Piano at Eagle River Museum

On another afternoon, the camp offered a bus trip to visit Estivant Pines Wilderness Nature Sanctuary. It is said that this area is home to what may be the last stand of virgin white pine in the Upper Peninsula, with some trees as old as 600 years and reaching heights of 150 feet (45 meters).

Sign at Estivant Pines Wilderness Nature Sanctuary

It was "Senior Saints" week at the camp, but a good portion of them showed up for this hike.

Doug and me at Estivant Pines

The bus ride was NOT a highlight of the trip!
Following the visit to Estavant Pines, we re-boarded the not-so-comfortable bus for a ride up Brockway Mountain Drive and some beautiful views of the fall foliage from the ridge of Brockway Mountain.

Fall Foliage from Brockway Mountain

Another View of Fall Foliage from Brockway Mountain

Staff Member, Mel, Demonstrating Alpine Horn on Brockway Mountain


  1. Amazing trees, quite the beautiful area for all of you to enjoy.

  2. Some nature Sanctuary alright. Great takes. That piano is a beauty.

  3. Everything is lovely, Linda!

  4. The tree colours area amazing. Sounds like you had a good bible week,

  5. This camp is certainly in a beautiful area. I'm sure the fellowship was as marvelous as the setting.

  6. Wonderful foliage. The woods are such a calming place to be in.

  7. The red and white museum looks nice from the outside and I love that music stool by the piano with those elegant legs. Such a lovely detail… What a difference when compared with those sturdy legs of the piano!
    Combining bible studies with outdoor activities sounds good! :)

  8. That fall foliage just takes my breath away! Great shot of you and Doug under the trees. The piano is gorgeous. What a great save! Those bus rides are never much fun, are they? Sounds like a fabulous trip despite the bumpy bus.

  9. Tex - The trees were beautiful. The hike was longer and a little more rugged than we had expected. A few of the folks had to turn back.

    Steve - This was my favorite of the afternoon activities. It's a beautiful spot.

    Carolann - It WAS a pretty place, and we were glad for the opportunity to visit it. The piano intrigued me, too.

    Thank you, Linda.

    Thanks, Margaret. It was a great week.

    George - The setting was a big part of the enjoyment. The fellowship was sweet, too.

    Mersad - I agree. There's something so peaceful about being in a woods.

    Petra - I was charmed by the simplicity of the buildings in Eagle River, including the museum. Now that you mention that piano stool, I'm not positive that it was the original stool that came with the piano. It could be, but I'm just not certain about that. And, yes, the combination of Bible studies and outdoor activities makes for a wonderful get-away.

    Gail - Fall comes early in the Upper Peninsula, so we were able to enjoy the fall colors there in September and then our own "Hoosier" fall colors a month later.


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