Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eagle River, Michigan

The pictures in this post are all from in and around Eagle River, Michigan, where we spent a week at Gitche Gumee Bible Camp last September.

Jacobs Falls, a roadside waterfall not far from the camp

Eagle River Falls, also very close to the camp

Eagle River Lighthouse on a day when we couldn't tell where water ended and sky began

This dock was near where we stood to view the Eagle River Lighthouse

Eagle River Courthouse

Eagle River Sheriff's Office (Barred windows at rear indicate jail cells there.)
I'll have another post or two from this trip, showing some of the sights from our drive back home.


  1. quite the sheriff's office! :) beautiful area!

  2. Love those falls. I have one in my back yard after getting 6 inches of rain last night and this morning. I would love to explore the upper peninsula, I have only been there when I was a youngster. Of course the fishing stories on the great lakes has a major appeal.

  3. You have captured great beauty in these pictures.The waterfalls are so pretty and of course fall color is always beautiful.

  4. What a lovely series, Linda! I took a nice walk today, as yesterday and today the weather has been comfortable but the humidity is on its way back. Seeing your photos has brightened my day, thank you so much for sharing. :)

  5. This is definitely a beautiful area. We're going to have to get up there one of these days.

  6. Wow, what a gorgeous place. The fall foliage and those waterfalls are incredible. Beautiful photos!! Gitche Gumee? That's fun to say. :)

  7. Tex - I'd have loved to see the inside of that Sheriff's office, but I didn't have the nerve to just walk in and ask.

    Steve - I believe you'd love the UP, just knowing your love of the outdoors. I know what you mean about all the rain this year. People in Indiana are saying that our state is about to be designated the sixth Great Lake. :)

    Thank you, Ruth!

    Linda - And your comment brightened MY day. Thanks kindly.

    George - There are some amazing places in the UP, but we share your love of the Smokies, where almost EVERYTHING is amazing.

    Gail - I find myself smiling when I say Gitche Gumee. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

  8. Beautifully captured waterfalls, Linda, and what a Sheriff's Office, it's a lovely building!

  9. Thank you, Petra. We were told that Eagle River Falls used to be quite beautiful and very full. Man-made changes have reduced the water flow now, but we saw old photos of it when it was in its prime.


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