Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pony Among Draft Horses


I posted a picture of this little pony among a pasture of draft horses a few weeks ago. We just find it fascinating how he bonds with his much larger pasture-mates. He's usually right in among them, rather than drifting off by himself. Sometimes we even see all the horses trotting across the field with Little Guy in the lead, as if he's the one they all look to for leadership.




There are a couple of other ponies on this Amish farm, but they are kept in a separate pasture. Doug thought maybe Little Guy was a stud and that they were keeping him from the pony mares. Could be. There's not much risk that he's going to sire a foal with one of these Belgian mares.

Recently, though, we've seen a pony mare and her foal in the same pasture with Little Guy and the Belgians. The pony foal and Little Guy seem to enjoy chasing each other around the pasture. I'll try for photos of that soon.


  1. What a sweetie. I'm glad you have the opportunity to see these beauties so often.

  2. adorable little guy with a big attitude. :)

  3. These pictures of the pony among the much larger horses are really cute. I guess he thinks he's in charge, in spite of his smaller size. (He must not let that bother him!).

  4. That pony is obviously good company for the larger horses. They all seem to be getting along just fine.

  5. Hi Linda, That little pony probably thinks of himself as big as the others... Sounds like he is doing well. Bet you are right and that he is a male....

    Great set of pictures.

  6. Those are lovely captures, Linda. The pony looks funny among those big horses, but it's clear that he doesn't let himself be scared away by their size and different colour and they accept him as well. It's fantastic.


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