Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Even Thistles Can Be Pretty

I walked at the reservoir last Friday, and it took me an hour and 40 minutes to complete the walk, almost double my usual time, because I stopped so often to take photographs. I probably can't count that walk as exercise.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos because the price I paid for them was insect bites all over my body, especially on my legs. Apparently, stopping frequently and stepping into the grass next to the trail was taken as a dinner invitation by many of the resident bugs.
Today's post is devoted to thistles...not exactly a favorite weed, but one with it's own beauty nonetheless.







As you may have anticipated, there will be more posts from that walk. Hopefully, by the time I've finished posting the pictures from that day, the itching will have stopped.



  1. Good Morning, Linda, and sorry to hear of your insect bites capturing these pictures of thistles for our enjoyment. Bugs and mosquitos seem to be at their height for biting/itching, and nothing I put on my bites seem to help the itching like it usually does. Do you have something that works?

    It amazes me how each thistle is in a different stage of bloom, however, with the background still looks like a portrait.

    Keep up the good work?

  2. ooh, yeah, bug bites - no fun! i am fascinated by thistles, though. if they grow along the pond, i'll leave them. if they sprout in the yard, they're asking for it. :)

  3. Everything has its own beauty, even thistles as your lovely photographs show.

  4. I have too many unpleasant memories of hoeing thistles out of corn or pasture when growing up that I can't say thistle is one of my favorites. But I have to admit that your photos are lovely. We've noticed how bad the insects can be simply walking in the grass of our yard.

  5. They're very pretty photos! Love the soft colors. I think it counts as exercise. Next time, bug spray! :)

  6. Sorry you had to endure the insects,but you got some beautiful pictures. I happen to love thistles.I know that many people look at me funny,when I say that.You understand. :)

  7. Oh what we photographers do for good pictures!!! Sorry about your bug bites. You probably got into chiggers... I try not to get off of the trail in the summer due to the chiggers... George got bites all over him one time when he hiked off-trail... He really struggled with those bites. He used vinegar to stop the itching. I have something called Sarna (got at Walgreen's) which I love when I get bitten. Good Luck.

    Great photos of the thistles.

  8. Very nice, the bloom you questioned is Bee Balm.

  9. So sorry to hear about the bites. I often get them when I want to work in the garden after sunset when it's not that hot and the garden feels more inviting. The insects must feel the same!! :)

    I like thistles when I don't need to deal with them in the garden, we may all agree on that. Lovely photos, Linda, pleasantly soft.

  10. I'm scratching as I read. I do like thistles. One has taken residence in my front yard. I'm waiting until it blooms so I can take some photos but plan to oust it before it can spread its seeds... unless of course the goldfinches come to dine. Lovely captures, Linda.


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